Blogging for money is becoming more and more popular each day.

More people are getting interested in blogging and want to learn more about the unique way in which it offers so many benefits.

But it’s all about the basics…

In case you want to understand what is a blog and how does this whole blogging-for-money thing work, you are in the right place.

In this article, I will try to answer all of your beginner questions.

And since THIS is a blog as well, I will do it as a blogger, in a friendly, non-formal way.

You’ll understand how that matters, in a couple of minutes, as you’ll be reading this article. 😉


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Let’s start with the basic question:


What Is A Blog


First things first.

A blog is not just a website.

It’s more of a part of the website.

An interactive, story-telling, experience-sharing, honest part.

A blog is what connects you with your readers.

It’s a customized journal full of separate articles discussing a certain topic.

You can’t really put an explanation to blogging in a formal form.

I prefer to dig a bit deeper as in the next paragraph…


The Evolution Of Blogging For Money


Blog marketing is a part of digital marketing. It’s one of the most honorable members of digital commerce, to say the least.

The most important part of blog marketing is – a blog.

In the past, blogs were not a commercial and online business, in the form of blog marketing, was barely mentioned or even existed.

It’s hard to imagine that just about a decade ago, blogs were not all that commercial as they are today.

Blogs were strictly used to tell a story, serve as some kind of a journal of personal experiences.

Let’s imagine that somewhere along the way, bloggers started to recommend products.

Nothing special,

Just mentioning the products or services that they thought were great and they wanted to share their opinions with the visitors of their blog.

Visitors trusted the author and tried the products and services that he or she recommended. Why wouldn’t they? They liked what the blog was all about and felt related to the topic. It felt like a community.

As a result, a lot of products and services were sold thanks to the recommendations from bloggers.

Bloggers realized that they can get commissions for just recommending stuff that they thought was really good.

Companies were also happy to pay back a little commission for selling something (extra) that they wouldn’t be able to sell if it wasn’t for a specific blog.

Bloggers started to monetize their blog, companies were selling more of their products and people got more information about the things that they were interested in.

What it all led to is – Everyone was happy.

It was the perfect formula.

So, just like that – Blog Marketing was born.

Needless to say, the days of making a blog for “free” are long gone in most cases.

Don’t get it the wrong way though – There is nothing wrong with running a blog in exchange for some expected payoff.

This way bloggers are “forced to” put out more and more free, good-quality content that is interesting for their visitors.

And they find a way to earn money with it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be motivated to do so.

The whole concept is simple – The blog serves as a magnet to drive traffic and as a psychological influencer of visitors’ decisions…


Why’s Blogging Is So Special


Oh, yeah…

Blogging is really special.

The best thing you’ve probably ever come around.

Let me put it this way.

Personal blogs are just a platform for real people to share their honestly authentic…

  • Experience;
  • Opinions;
  • knowledge;
  • Advice…

People are always interested in all that.

And they do prefer to receive that information from the real people that they trust instead of some commercial giants investing tons of money to influence customers decisions.

So, this platform is unique and valuable for both readers and vendors.

The way I like to look at it is that blogs are just a mix of informational sites with little pieces of social media’s vibe and celebrity’s influence factor.

Kind of a perfect mix, isn’t it?



Blogging As Entrepreneurship


When it comes to blogging as a business, people get confused.

The old school perception of blogging being a hobby hunts it down and makes bloggers have to explain their work.

But do not let that misconception fool you.

Blogging is one of the most profitable, lucrative and fastest-growing industries of the 21st century.

It is a business and pays off big time.

For most people, it pays off way more than they would ever be able to make throughout their “normal” career.


I interact with people making thousands of dollars per day on a daily basis. And most of them started their respective blogs to make money… Not for fun.

Blogging gives people the opportunity to start a business…

A big-time business…

Digital marketing makes people from different financial classes, equal.


Think about it:

How does any business work?

A company comes up with a business plan

Makes an investment

Runs business and expects the payout

Every dollar spent has an ROI plan (return on investment). Otherwise, making business wouldn’t make any sense.

The same thing is happening with blogging. Except you can start from zero.

With a little to no financial investment, anyone is able to launch a blog, integrate some monetization tactics and strategies, advertise for free and earn money.

The most crucial investment is your time.

By investing the time in creating the structure and content, anyone is able to build a business out of a regular blog.

So, don’t let the public beliefs fool you!

Commercial bloggers are entrepreneurs as much as anybody.

We have a plan and strictly follow it expecting nothing less than some well-deserved income.

That’s how business works and as you already understood – Blogging is no exception.


Is Blogging A Career?


In case this is not your first visit to my blog, you already know that I love saying this one thing:

Starting a blog was one of the best decisions in my life.

It became my key to the ultimate freedom and gave me the ability to truly plan my life as I wanted to.

The old days of following a career path are what they are – Old.

In my perception, a career is just a path for making more money and building up your reputation.

Unless your goal is something else, blogging does all that just perfectly.

Just look at this list of 23 pro bloggers making it big time with their blogs.

Can you really say that they are career-less?

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How To Make Money Blogging


People think that bloggers make money with ads and that’s it.

Needless to say – That’s not correct.

There are so many ways to monetize your blog.

You just need to understand that your blog is just a platform, just a magnet.

Long story short, you can monetize your blog with one (or the combination) of these:

·         Monetize A Property (the blog itself)

·         Sell Product

·         Sell Service

But, as I said – That’s a long story told short.

Go to the article to find out way more about blog monetization.


What Can You Blog About


A lot of people think that they need to blog about something that they are passionate about.


“Ok, but, what should I blog about then?”

Let me put down a couple of articles to answer your question.

How to choose a niche

8 Common Beginner Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Niche

105 blog topics


“Things” You’ve Heard


There are so many things you might’ve heard along the way about blogging.

They can be messing with your head.

Don’t worry, I know about them.

15 Common Lies About Blogging

24 Common Blogging Myths – Debunked

How about these?


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I tried to do my best to explain what is a blog and blogging in general.

Did you get the information you were searching for?

If not, don’t worry, there are way more answers on this blog.

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