I’ve seen it so many times before – people get all hyped up about blogging and start dreaming about the future outcome and various success scenarios before they’ve even launched a blog.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that it’s a bad thing to do. After all, we are all here because of the “big dream”.

Follow this step by step list of 12 Things to Do In Your First 3 Months of Starting a Blog full of blogging tips for beginners. Tips Before and after your start your blog.

It might be individual, but equally satisfying for everyone.

I think we all should dream big… With that being said, there will be no result without the actions.

So, you might already know how to start a blog, set it up, customize etc, but there’s a bridge between your present situation and the future.

It’s not hard to get there, but you need a plan for that.

Less stress, fewer worries, less waste of time. It’s all possible if you have a decent plan for a specific amount of time.

How about we start with the 12 things to do in your first 3 months of blogging?

These tips will help you with your beginning.

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12 Things to Do In Your First 3 Months of Starting a Blog


Identify Your Goals

Nothing should ever be done without a final goal in mind. Of course, blogging is no different.

Whatever your goal is, it should be identified in advance.

Is it making money? Is it fame? Or maybe it is to grow your brand or reputation?

Great. All of these things along with others are easily possible with blogging.

All you need to do at this stage is to set your final goal and plan your steps going forward.


Schedule Out The Actions

Once you know your goals, you need a plan which will lead your way towards it.

Planning your schedule might be one of the most important steps. It can make or break your blogs’ success.

I talk a lot about planning in my course. Make sure to join it and find out a lot of essential blogging information.


Monitor Your Results

Once you are ready to take action, you need to set up everything to correctly track your results.

You need to know your traffic first and the actions taken by your customers.

Using a tool like Google Analytics will help you a lot with that.


Join A Community

You should never be alone. You need to keep up with your colleagues.

It’s always a great idea to join some kind of a community for various reasons like:

  • To ask questions;
  • For learning stuff;
  • To communicate;
  • To collaborate;
  • and so many more…

I mean why would you be alone? We have a great community of beginner and pro bloggers. You are very welcome to join us.


Track Your Progress

You might make a plan, stick to your schedule, do everything correctly but realize that your results are lower than what you expected.

It happens a lot, especially at the early stages of starting your blogging career.

The only reason is – You are doing something wrong.

It might be your content, your marketing efforts, or the wrong targeted audience.

It’s pretty rare to host an audience that doesn’t meet any of your expectations, which leads us to:


Pay Attention

Your audience will tell you what they want.

Use Google Analytics to keep track of the most visited pages, read and respond to their comments, track their actions.

You should also keep up with the trend as well. I mean the trends on the market. Go outside of your blog and do the research about peoples’ trendy needs.


Collect Leads

No matter what your blog is about, you need a lot of returning visitors.

There is no better visitor than the one who gives you the personal email address.

Install one of the plugins like Free Mailchimp, Convertkit, AWeber, etc.

Create some beautiful custom Opt-in forms and ask your visitors to subscribe or opt-in in return of some freebies.


Be Loud

Believe it or not but people won’t magically visit your blog.

No matter how good your blog actually is, there are probably a lot of competitors out there doing a better job at their marketing efforts.

That’s why you need to top them and beat them with your marketing campaigns.

The best way to do so is to share a lot of content, be active, consistent and meet your potential visitors’ needs (most of the times!).

Don’t forget that nobody likes spammy and trashy activities though. Make sure that you offer them truly high quality.


Consistency Is The Key

Once you step in the world of blogging, you have to remember one of the most important rules – It’s all about consistency and high quality.

Make sure that you are meeting both of these to give yourself the best chance at being highly successful.



Honestly, improving is one of the best parts. At least for me.

It is pretty satisfying to go through your great content, feel proud and try to make it even better.

Your stats might be looking good. Like really, really good.

It doesn’t mean that your work is done though. The world is moving fast and your customers’ needs are changing pretty fast as well.

Got great stats? try to improve them.

Got good content? Make it even better.

Track down even the minor opportunities for improvement and strive for “perfection”.

The point is – You should never stop improving.


Slow Down And Be Patient

No matter what you do and how good you are at it, It won’t probably happen in an hour, or a day… It might even take months.

But the thing is that it will eventually happen. You did everything correctly so don’t worry… It will happen.


Think About The Future

Daydreaming is not always a good idea but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to dream at all.

You need to dream… Dream Big!

Those dreams just might be your motivation or might trigger your intuition to come up with a good idea.

No matter what it is, thinking about your future outcomes and goals is a great way to be in shape all the time!


These are the things which I think should be done in the first 3 months of starting your blogging journey.

What do you think about them? Would you add anything?

Let me know in the comment section below.