So, you want to launch your blog and join this amazing world of blogging as soon as possible, am I right?

Well, first of all, let me tell you that it is going to be one of the best things you’ve ever done in your life.

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You will love it!

With that being said, I’m pretty sure you are NOT ready to launch your blog just yet. That’s why this list of 14 things to do before you launch your blog is about to make your day!

Even though there’s so much hype around blogging,  you’ve probably guessed there’s another side to it as well, the more complicated one. Let’s focus on that.

I understand all of the obstacles and confusions which are on your way.

Fortunately, I am here to help!

This whole blog is about helping beginners with their upcoming blogging journeys and answering the questions they might have.

Running your blog the right way is very important but In this article, I want to share the list of 13 things to do before you launch your blog.

Here’s the thing – In order to run a successful blog, you need a strong foundation.

That’s why I am sure that nobody should ever ignore the list we are going to go through below:

14 Things To Do Before You Launch Your Blog

  1. Identify Your Reason
  2. Learn The Essentials
  3. Create A Website
  4. Customize/Brand Your Blog
  5. Fill Up With Must-Have Pages
  6. Do Your Research
  7. Come Up With A Strategy
  8. Create Content
  9. Organize Monetization
  10. Go Social
  11. Plan
  12. Review
  13. Prepare To Be Consistent
  14. Make Sure You Are Not Alone

Don’t worry, I will try to go as in-depth as possible with all of these in separate. And if you have questions, you know what to do – You can ask a question in a comment section below or in our free facebook community group.

Save the photo for later:

 This article is about the list of 14 things which should be done by everyone who is searching for the tips before starting a blog.

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Identify Your Reason

There are a lot of reasons why the idea to launch your blog is a great one. It highly depends on your goals.

You might start it for money or not really…

The most common reasons for starting a blog are:

  • Have fun as a hobby;
  • To communicate with people sharing the same interests;
  • To grow a brand;

All of these reasons are just terrific. But I bet it won’t come to you as a surprise that more frequently people start blogging – for money. Why not? It’s a great way to make money online and to organize your life as well.

  • For the side hustle;
  • For extra money;
  • To build an online career/ start an online business;

It doesn’t really matter why you started thinking about the idea of starting your blog. All of the reasons are totally worth it.

However, no matter what the reason is, ideally, it has to be identified in advance.

Once you identify your cause, you are ready to invest your resources (time, money, etc.) adequately.


Know The Essentials

As in any beginning, it all starts with the basics.

Basics are your real foundation.

Think about it – in any profession you can’t really depend on the random knowledge from here and there. You don’t want to be confused by the gap in your essential knowledge in the middle of the process.

You want to hold it all together. Brick by brick.

Blogging is no different.

It has a list of possible options, it has well-proven stats and it has it’s “rules”.

You need to know how to start a blog, how to run it, customize,  promote, monetize, create a plan, how to advance and soooo much more…

It is okay to Google all that stuff and try to collect as much information as possible. Problem with that is that you don’t really know all of “the questions” you should have. Not right now, not when you are a beginner.

I know what you think…

Yeah… thank you Ryan, for telling me what I need to do and then hitting me with the fact that I can’t really do that :)) Not cool…

Don’t worry, I got you…

Fortunately, you can just enroll in the free course I created for beginners to learn all of the essentials we were talking about.

That free course will help you to build a strong foundation of all the essential knowledge you need to catch up, in one place, step by step!

Not just as a beginner, but as a pro blogger as well.

You are welcome 😉


Create A Website

Quick fact – In order to run a blog, you need TO HAVE a blog.

It might sound funny but my experience showed me that the most frequent mistake made by beginners at the early stages of starting the blogging journey is that they never START. Like really… they just give up before even trying.

I wish I could say that I don’t understand them…

Well, wait… I can actually say that… There are so many reasons to start a blog and virtually none to not do so.

Doubts and laziness. When did they ever cause anything good?

So, hopefully, you already know what your blog is going to be about and without further ado – You need to create a website.

You need tree things:

It is yet another thing which might sound like a complicated process but it is actually not.

Well, at least not with yet another step-by-step guide like this one.

Or this one.

Either way, you will skip all the confusion and in the end, have a blog.

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As I said, In case you think of starting a blog, you need to have one. Starting your journey with saving the money doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me. While not taking advantage of the opportunity and wasting it, does sound like it.

You might think that to have a blog and to launch your blog is pretty much the same.

That’s not true.  That’s the whole point of this article, the foundation! We are just getting started.

From this point, the list goes on and gets way more productive.


Customize/Brand Your Blog

At this point, you already have a website. It’s on and running, ready to host the visitors.

But it’s empty and let’s be honest… It looks kind of lame at this point.

So before you think of launching it, you definitely need to customize it.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a CSS expert, nor a high-quality designer to make your blog look professional.

All you need at the early stage is:

  • Theme
  • Branding
  • Good looking Photos

And once again… It’s super simple, once you know what to do.

Let’s go an extra mile for those who are not really familiar with it step by step:


Everybody wants to have a great looking blog which represents the character of the topic.

On the other hand, not everyone has the same opinion about the “perfect” design.

Fortunately, there is a huge variety of options, both free and the paid ones.

Log in to your WordPress CMS ( and look for the appearance on the left side of your navigation menu…

And just click the Add New button.

Now you have a huge choice of free themes in front of you.

Pick the one you like and hit the Install button first… Then you are ready to activate it.

Now your blog looks way better, doesn’t it?


I see a lot of people skipping this step just because they don’t know how easy it can actually get.

Tiny logo can change the whole visitors’ perception of your blog.

And like I said, it’s super easy without any need of extra Photoshop skills.

Just go to and start creating your free logo!

scroll down to hit the Logo button:

Aaaand I think it gets pretty obvious from this point on.

Just don’t forget to hit the save button once you are done:

So simple, yet so cool, right?



You might be one of those people who doesn’t want to use any photos and have a blank black & white design all over your blog.

But the majority of people prefer to use some thumbnails, featured photos etc.

Remember – you should not go to Google, search for photos and then publish them @ your blog. At least not without crediting the author.

Instead, you should look for free stock photos.

There are a lot of great websites with amazing photo artists of all genres like:

And many more… You can just google “Free Stock photos” and explore a huge choice of options.

But that’s not all. You might want to customize your photos, crop them, add text and so on.

And you don’t need any extra Photoshop skills.

You can use Canva or my personal favorite – Befunky.

Befunky website is a great online tool with some amazing features, patterns, layouts, graphics, fonts and lots of other pre-made designs. In other words, it is just an amazing tool which is absolutely free (unless you want to use some extra tools).


Fill Up With Must-Have Pages

There are a couple of pages which any blog should have. In some cases, is not just “should” but a “must”.

The first page you want to create is the “about” page.

Not only it is a good way to introduce yourself to your future visitors, but it is actually a great way to develop a character behind your blogging voice.

Go easy about it though… Just tell the story and deliver a good vibe.

You will be surprised but way more people love to read about the author of the blog than you might expect.

And they might want to contact you as well. They can do it using a comment form but why not give them an opportunity to contact you via email?

Especially when it’s super simple, yet makes your blog look way more professional.

Let me give you a quick tip – Just install a plugin called “Contact Form 7” and follow the simple instructions.

Now you have a “Contact” page.

Let’s talk about the legal side as well.

There are 3 pages which should be a part of your blog in case you are trying to make money from it.

Disclaimer – There are a lot of free tools online which will help you to generate a fully-legal custom disclaimer in no time.

Terms Of Use – And again… Internet is a wonderful place full of free tools. You can easily generate the terms of use text using one of the free generators.

GDPR Cookie Disclaimer – This disclaimer was not always necessary, but ever since the GDPR regulation happened, the majority of blogs and websites have to inform their visitors that they are using cookies. No worries though, free plugins and online generators will help you with that as well.


Do Your Research

One of the greatest things about the modern world is that anyone can hold an in-depth research process before wasting time on pointless mistakes.

And blogging world is no exception.

One can literally know which content is destined to work and which is set to fail, which post will go viral and which will suck, which platform will get you shares and… You get the point.

No matter how hard you try, you will almost definitely fail unless you can connect with your audiences’ needs.

Even though there are a lot of tools which can help, let me just focus on my personal favorites.

Anytime I am thinking of starting a new blog, writing a new article or just considering an idea, I start with my typical research routine.

There’s no particular order and it highly depends on the situation, but let’s go through my favorites, step by step:


Start typing in the Google search bar… You will see the suggested results.

These are not just the suggested results. These are the keywords which people are actually searching for. The stats-based information which Google is sharing with you for free.

You can also scroll down and see the suggested results…

Again… Good-guy-Google sharing their priceless information for Free.

All of the result sites/articles/pages you see are the ones which rank the highest. Which means that they have the best content.

And how is this information that valuable for you?

There a great technique by Brian Dean, the creator of and S.E.O. expert, called Skyscraper Technique . Using his method, you can

  1. Search for a keyword which is the topic of your blog,
  2. Read the “winner” articles,
  3. And make them better.

That will automatically mean that your content is better than the top-ranked content offered by Google. And this puts you in a great spot against your competitors, doesn’t it?

Want more stats with actual numbers? Google has your back once again.

Sign up for the Google Ads tool for free and use their Keyword planner tool.

Just time in the keyword and see what people are searching for.

And if they are searching for, then they will love to see the answers which you are about to offer them.


How about another way to get the keyword ideas with stats?

You can use a free tool by amazing digital marketer Neil Patel, called Ubbersuggest.

You might not understand the full importance of this tool right now, but trust me, it will become your go-to tool, pretty soon.


Back when I was starting out, I didn’t really realize the full range of opportunities offered by Pinterest.

After all, It seems to be a search engine full of food recipes and quotes.

Well… It actually is that… But It’s also one of the best platforms to drive traffic to a lot of niches.

And it’s also a terrific database of stats.

By just scrolling through the related-keyword-feed you can get way more information then you could’ve ever guessed.

Starting from what people are searching for in a statistically-relevant order:

To the public stats of repins each Pin had. It tells you which article is popular and which is not.

Oh and by the way, how about a quick tip about the Google Chrome extension I use which saves me an enormous amount of time.

Instead of Opening each pin in separate to check the amount of repins, you can install Pinontop extension which will filter the top pins for you.

A couple of clicks and you have yourself a list of viral pins for the related keyword.

How about to do some skyscraper technique with those articles?

You know the keywords, you know the article. You know it’s viral. This probably means that you can easily take advantage of it and create the content which is destined to be great.


Even though the tools we discussed above, gave you a great understanding of the viral keywords, you can still advance with your research process.

The site called Buzzsumo will give you even more information about the content which people love. More specifically, the content they share throughout the social media channels.

Just type in the keyword and get the stats. Easy as that.


Just when it seems like you can’t possibly have more information about the keywords, you go to the Semrush and get stunned once again.

This platform gives you a piece of true in-depth information about any keyword you type in a search bar.

The volume, trend, competition… You want it, you got it.

You can also type the specific website (like your competitor for instance) and get the insight information about its stats like:

  • The number of visitors
  • The traffic source
  • Paid ads
  • and many more…


Speaking of your competitors. You can get even more information about them using a terrific website called Similarweb.

It is definitely my favorite tool when it comes to the competitors’ research process because it gives out all of this suggested (but damn accurate) information about the website I am interested in.

By far, my favorite feature would be to see the amount of traffic and the sources.

You can use this information for so many things.  I talk a lot about this strategy in my free course about blogging for beginners.

All discussed is one of the most important steps to take before you are ready to launch your blog.


Come Up With A Strategy

Once you have everything in place, you need to create a strategy which you will follow.

Even though you have all the tools we discussed above and already feel like your abilities are just limitless, you need to make some choices.

You can’t do everything at once…  At least not right away. That’s why you need to put together a strategy.

You can use the strategy I use for each one of my blogs called the cookbook method to launch your blog. It’s simple, yet powerful and guaranteed to make your blog successful.

I discuss my strategy in my free ecourse just as well.


Create Content

Once you are done with the technical side, It’s time to fill in your blog with the content.

Since you’ve already held the research process, you know exactly what your soon-to-visit audience wants from you.

Now you can start and be sure that you are not wasting your time.

All you need to do is just create a navigation menu, add custom pages (optional) and write a couple of articles to warm things up.

You don’t need to write all the articles you think your blog should have. 3-4 articles will get your blogging game going. You will catch up with your goals with time but these first articles will create a general perception of your blog both for you and your visitors.


Organize Monetization

In case your blog is for making money, It’s the perfect time to implement your monetization methods.

You already have your content set which means that you are almost ready to host the traffic.

But what you don’t want to see is people visiting your blog for nothing.

Again, in case you are not just sharing the free content, you are expecting the paycheck. So why would you rush to actually launch your blog and waste the traffic for no conversions?

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Go Social

I like to get ready in any way possible. That’s why I highly advise to set up your preferred social media accounts in advance.

Sign up, set up your profile, fill in with keywords…

In other words, get ready before you begin your marketing activities.

Just like in the case of monetization, you should prefer to be all set before things get a little chaotic after you launch your blog.

You do know your options, right?

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • etc.

Choose wisely and make sure that your targeted audience is using that specific social media channel.

Once you are set, go back to your blog and make sure that you have the links to your social media channels at your blog. This will help your visitors to connect with you even once they leave your page.

And since you had the content which was well researched, they will definitely want to hear more from you.



At this stage, you have everything set up. You got your blog, it’s customized, filled in with all of the necessities, you have some researched soon-to-be viral content, got your strategy, monetization…

All that is great but you can easily fail your efforts in case you don’t have a working plan.

You need to schedule out your future efforts in advance. The most important things to a schedule are:

  • Articles
  • Marketing Activities

Whenever you have a well-scheduled plan, you are calm about the future of your blog.

Hey, you spent so much time on the research process and your blog is about to make it. Why would you risk it all for some random laziness which might harm your results?

You don’t want that.


Review Before You Launch Your Blog

In case you followed all of the tips I shared you’ve gone such a long way.

I bet you didn’t think that you had to do this much before you actually launch your blog.

The great part is, your foundation is as strong as it should be and now everything is just a matter of time.

Make sure to go back and review all of the steps. Be sure that you didn’t skip any of them.

In case you did so intentionally or unintentionally and think that it won’t matter that much, you are wrong.

All of the steps we discussed are important. Remember? It’s all about the foundation. One missing brick can cause big trouble.


Prepare To Be Consistent

Consistency goes a long way. Everybody loves the consistency – visitors, social media channel algorithms, search engines.

And it pays off.

Scheduling your stuff is good but you can go even further.

The best way to do so is to have things prepared in advance.

As for me, I usually try to prepare the content for a month in advance. I know some bloggers who try to make it 2…  or 3.

I think that 2-3 weeks of content should be just enough.

Trust me, this is one of the most important tips you need to remember.

Combine the scheduled plan with a good amount of ready-to-be-published content and your goal of going viral is just a matter of time.


Make Sure You Are Not Alone

Blogging is fun, a lot of fun.

With that being said, it can get confusing and boring. That’s why you definitely need to do these to things before and after you launch your blog:

  • Communicate with other bloggers to share some thoughts, learn new stuff and ask questions.
  • Have a mentor.

In case you are up for that, we have a great blogging community @ Facebook for bloggers from all around the world.

Join us and make sure to get the most out of it!


These are all of 14 things to do before you launch your blog. What do you think of them? Do you have any further questions? Just ask below.

Now that you know 14 things to do before you launch your blog, you might as well want to know 11 things you should NOT do before you launch your blog.