Blogging for money is becoming more and more popular.


A lot of people are starting blogs every day, a lot of others are thinking about starting one and others… they are just doubting it.

Let me address the skeptical doubters out there with these links:

Now let’s move to people who already know about the wonders offered by blogging and are interested.

A lot of people ask me a lot of various questions about blogging and how to make it as a blogger.


One question remains the same – Should I start a blog?

And my answer is always the same – Starting it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I  would change only one thing – Started it sooner.

There are a lot of reasons why blogging for money is such a great option.

I decided to collect my top 10 favorite reasons.

My list of the most important motivators of starting a blog goes like this:




Honestly, this one is by far my favorite reason to start blogging.

The majority of people think they are free and don’t realize that they are stuck with the same old plan:


  1. Get A Job;
  2. Work 9-5;
  3. Get a fixed income;
  4. Struggle with finding the work-life balance;
  5. Count days left till your next vacation;


I apologize for saying that but…That doesn’t really sound like freedom to me.

Let’s be honest – It’s such a waste of energy, time, life, and pretty much everything that’s valuable…

Maybe this plan was great back in a day (mostly because it was the only plan available).

However, times changed and that plan is rather optional than the only way to go.

There are a couple of great options that this modern world can offer you to organize your own freedom.

9-5 is not the “must” anymore.

You can design your own life the way you want it and mix it with your comfort zone.

And the whole digital marketing is here to help you with that.

  • Some people prefer to work as a freelancer.
  • Others are fine with some part-time outsourced jobs.
  • Some people with big investments would like to start an e-commerce store.

Let me be honest – I tried all of these and way more…

Yet, blogging for money was the best thing that I’ve ever started.

And even though this whole article is about the characteristics of the freedom blogging has to offer, I still think that there’s no real way to truly describe the real feeling of being a blogger.

So let’s just call it this one word – Freedom.



Flexible Working Schedule


First things first – Blogging for money is a job!

Don’t get caught up by the illusion that blogging is easy.

It takes time, courage and effort to achieve your goals.

With that being said, your working schedule is way more flexible than a regular one.

And honestly – It all depends on your goal.

Obviously, bigger goal requires more work.

And that’s when the word “flexible” is at its best.

As a blogger, I’m able to take days off whenever I need to and work extra hard when I feel like it.

The main (and the best) point is that you are doing it all for yourself and that’s satisfying, unlike working on a corporate company.

And everything is so organizable…

More time with my family, friends, health etc.


That’s The Future


Blogging for money is getting more and more popular.

For a reason.

Let’s forget about the formal stats and just focus on some real things:

This “new” platform is attractive for both suppliers and customers.

The style of story-telling offered by blogs is unique.

In the era of social media, real people and real stories are way more valuable than ever before.

Blogs are designed to be honest and real.

This platform is forcing big players to be more humble and to communicate with their audience in a less formal way.

And while those big players are spending big money on running their campaigns using this platform, they are still struggling to beat “real people” with their loyal followers.

Therefore, they are forced to share their piece of cake with us, real bloggers with affiliate deals. (Fortunately, affiliate deals are mostly extra-charge-free for customers).


Since the majority of successful bloggers have a lot of options, we are not forced to affiliate with low-quality suppliers and promote only the high-quality products.

Talk about the change of landscape and the influence on the market…

So yes… blogging is here to stay, in the future and is only going to get bigger.

Therefore, obviously, it is a terrific idea to become a blogger and get the best seats, on time.

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No Negative Energy And Soul-Sucking Stress


Let me tell you this…

This reason for starting a blog is so underrated, yet so important.

For some obvious reasons, the life of a modern person is becoming more and more stressful.

There’s so much stress in time management.

personal life and the corporate world are only making everything worse…

And think about all of the negative energy created by people who are not handling their stress.

Guess where it goes?

It’s shared and passed on to co-workers, families, friends, you!…

Deadlines, aggression, stress, wrong co-workers…

The list goes on and on. No wonder people are so stressed out.

And truth to be told… You wouldn’t even spend a second with a lot of those people that are hurting your energy.

But you are forced to spend time with them and they manage to make your life worse.

That’s so unfair, isn’t it?

Honestly, let me tell you one of the best things about what happened once I switched to blogging.

I started to communicate with people I truly like and therefore care less about the people who I don’t like.

All that cleared out my schedule for people I truly care about and love spending time with.

No more endless stress caused by the income, promotions, schedule, vacations…

As a result, I’ve never been happier and relieved in my life.


You’ll Gain Valuable Skills (Marketing)


We’ve already mentioned how blogging is the future of marketing platforms.


Think about all of the skills you’ll gain while you become a blogger.

You might not realize, but you’ll learn a lot of stuff about the basics and advanced stuff about marketing, content creation and promotion.

Some bloggers learn how to create graphics…

Others learn how to sell… create products… understand what people like.

Guess what? That’s marketing.

Running one simple blog can make a huge impact on your skillset.

And you already know how important it is to have those skills in the modern world.


Money Is Cool


I’ve heard some people saying that blogging doesn’t sound like a real deal and is not a real way to make money.

“Blogging for money? Pff… sounds stupid… How far can that take you”?


Maybe somebody should show them this list of successful bloggers.

These bloggers made it up to the 4,5,6,7 digit income.


And trust me… they are a tiny part of the big picture.


It’s Really Cheap Cause Words Are Your Investment


A lot of people don’t realize why blogging is so cool for beginners.

The reason is – It’s super cheap to start a blog and you still somehow end up with a business with huge opportunities.

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Wait… How’s that?

Well, for starters – your blog is your business.

We are used to the fact that the initial investment in your business goes head to head with the potential outcome.

However… You are making a huge investment every time you publish a blog without even realizing it.

Your knowledge transformed into the words you wrote – That’s your product, that’s your non-financial investment and it’s the most important one!

You literally create the pricy product for your business with your own hands.

Huge business, with a tiny investment, isn’t that a dream come true?


You Can Take Your Job With You


In the beginning, we discussed the flexible schedule of a blogger.

But let’s not forget about the flexible location as well.

You can work from anywhere…

  • Working from a local coffee shop?
  • On vacation?
  • Working while traveling around the world?


As you understand. all you need is a device with access to the internet.


Your Work Will Make A Real Difference


We talked a lot about how you can make money blogging and all of the perks of blogging for money.

However, think about the most important part of your blog – your visitors.

Every time you write an article, you offer a piece of advice, share your experience, tell a story to a person that wants to hear it.

Every time that so-called targeted visitor visits your blog, they get something they were searching for and maybe, were not able to find.

Think about all of the positive impact bloggers make on their visitor’s lives.

That’s why we, as bloggers, are doing our best to provide the best user experience we possibly can offer and take care of our content’s credibility.





It Will Change Your Life


We started this list with the same vibe that I want to end it with.

Knowing now how much my life changed, I can’t believe how people are still not into blogging for money.

The only thing I would change would be to start it sooner than I did.

But I understand… You don’t know what I know.

No worries though, take your time.

The only thing you can do at this stage is to do your research.

However, here’s a plot twist:

Little do you know, the world of blogging is already changing your life by becoming the top subject of your interest.

And I can proudly claim that it is probably one of the best things that have ever happened to you.

You’ll see.

With that being said, trust me, your life will change way more noticeably once you start a blog.

Just keep gaining confidence!


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Bonus: You can level up whenever you want And Skys the limit


As you probably already understood, one of the best parts about blogging for money is:

Bloggers don’t have any bosses.

We are in control of our responsibilities, schedules, income, etc.

That also means that – we are in control of our responsibilities, schedules, income, etc. : ))

Need/Can do more? Just do it.

You can promote yourself anytime you want to.



These were my top 10 answers to the question – Should I start a blog?!

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