There are a lot of misconceptions that occur when people first hear about blogging.

From myths to lies and hidden truth.

Truth to be told the reason behind it that a lot of expert bloggers are not always honest.

Tons of affiliate deals, product sales, upsells…

There’s the commercial interest just about everywhere.

A lot of people say that starting a blog is expensive. Especially in case you want to run a successful blog.

And it seems legit:

Big investments = big outcome.

But what if I told you,

You can get the proper in-depth education, premium hosting plan, a domain name, themes, plugins and other necessary stuff for just around $4?

If done smartly, you can actually start a super professional blog with cheap investment.

Yes, I will teach you how to save money, take advantage of free deals and get discounts without sacrificing anything regarding the quality of your blog and other must-use tools.

And all that will only prove one fact:

Blogging is not expensive and can be pretty cheap when you are told the honest truth.

Especially at the early stages of your journey.

So let’s start talking about the truth about the actual cost of starting a blog:




As you probably already know, it’s a fact- It’s crucial to invest money, in order to make money.

In the majority of cases, your financial investments go head to head with the expected outcome.


Blogging is a bit different.

The biggest investment of a blogger is – The effort.

You efforts consist of:

  • Blog setup
  • Articles
  • Pages
  • Free Promotion

And once again. your efforts are the most important investment.

I just want to make sure that you understand that!

And you don’t really need to spend money on that, especially as a beginner.


No, No, No’s


First things first – there are a couple of things you should never, ever go cheap on…

Wait… Not “cheap”… So-called “Free”!

What are these things?

In fact. it’s just one:

Hosting Plan!

In my opinion, the only necessary investment will be a hosting plan in case you want to run a successful blog for years to come.

Let’s get into it for a second.

The free hosting plans are called free because they don’t initially cost you money.

However, if you think about it, they do cost you a lot. Not everyone understands it, but…

Here what you also get with those free deals:

  • Slow speed;
  • Unwanted ads
  • Random shut-downs

This is the cost of free hosting plans nobody talks about.

In other words:

  • Wasted traffic;
  • distracted visitors;
  • and lost conversations;

And that’s way more than the initial investment you had to make to start with.

“Hey, so what If I just start with a free one and then switch?”

Well, you can do that… but as I already said, you’ll waste a lot of “things”, just as I mentioned above.


  • When there are hosting plan options that are really, really cheap.
  • When you’ve already visited this article.
  • And when that means you are about to find out about the discounted price for one of the greatest hosting plans issued for my visitors.

This leads us to…


Yes, Yes, Yes!


Like I said – I truly believe that the only investment any beginner has to do is to invest in a great hosting plan.

You want to receive visitors to your blog 24/7.

That’s why it is important to pick a hosting plan which is trustworthy and works flawlessly all the time.

While there are a lot of great hosting providers, Bluehost is definitely one of the bests (and especially great for beginners).

Their target market is mostly filled with beginners or new bloggers with no experience.

This is why their platform is recommended for everyone who is starting their blogging career.

They made everything extremely simple, newbie-friendly and easily customizable.

One click to install WordPress, another click to pick from free themes.

Their support works 24/7. What else can you need as a beginner?

And even though Bluehost is cheap on its own, you can still get it even cheaper with a discount deal for the visitors of this blog – $3.95 per month through this link only!

And yes! That’s the one I talked about!

That’s the only investment you actually need to make in order to start a quality blog!

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Limited-Time Deals


Sometimes, big companies have some great limited-time/limited-quantity deals.

I did mention the discounted hosting plan that Bluehost issued for the visitors of my blog.

But that’s not all.

As of right now, there’s another great opportunity to save money as a beginner:

Get a free domain name!

Just check the availability using the form below or go to Bluehost using this link and you will get both, discounted-hosting and a free domain name!

You might think that your choice must be limited with this deal – It’s not!

You can get any domain name… .com , .net, .org… Any.

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Surprising Freebies


Yes, I already talked about the unique opportunity to get a free domain.

But let’s discuss yet another essential investment.

A lot of money is spent on educational material about blogging.

Especially, by beginners.

And I think that it is one of the best things any beginner should do!


There are a lot of resources that are absolutely free and can save you a lot of money.

Like, take my free blogging course for example.

I wanted to create a course for beginners that will cover all of the essentials and to put them in one place.

You can learn so many essentials like:

  • What is blogging;
  • How to make money blogging;
  • How to drive traffic;
  • My methods;
  • So much more…

And all this information is in fact – Free!


For A Beginner


Now that we talked about the hosting plan (the only must-do financial investment in my opinion), we can talk about the stuff that you should get for free as a beginner.

Thanks to the competition on the market, beginners are not forced to pay for stuff for a long time.

In most cases – Up to the point where their blog is already successful enough to make these expenses look unnoticeable.

Here’s how this trick goes:

  1. Use all of the necessary stuff for free;
  2. Grow your blog;
  3. Start making money;
  4. Consider reinvesting the money you make from your blog in fancier tools and premium plans, to make even more money;

You can always upgrade your free plans, but some stuff is just not worth the additional expenses at any stage.

Here’s a list of things you don’t need to invest in as a beginner:

  • Themes (There are so many free themes in the WordPress library itself when you start a blog on Bluehost. You definitely don’t need to buy a theme when you are just starting a blog.)
  • Domain – Don’t waste the money, just get any domain name for free.
  • Plugins  – (The big majority of plugins are free or their free plan is enough for a beginner).
  • Other Service – There are a lot of services out there that help bloggers around the world with the research process, with analytics and scheduling. As a beginner, you don’t need to invest in any of them. You’ll find the need to fill the gap later on. That’s when it’s a great time to invest a tiny portion of the money you already made in something that will surely increase your income.

You can always thank the authors or upgrade to premium plans, but the best part about the method we discussed is – It’s all up to you and you don’t HAVE TO do that.




We did already discuss how important and honestly, necessary it is to invest in a good hosting plan.

But one thing you should always consider investing in is your education!

As I already mentioned there are a lot of free courses like my free blogging course for beginners, but some courses are more specific and are rarely free.

However, those types of courses, books, videos etc. provide some advanced tips about specific topics.

And you should definitely consider investing in them once you advance in your blogging career.


Going Forward


With time, you’ll notice that your blog has already reached the new heights and needs to be upgraded.

We talked about the tricks of not wasting money as a beginner, but that can’t last forever.

While some costs will still wait, others will just limit your growing blog.

  • The free plugin plans are not covering your needs anymore;
  • You might want to go for a paid theme to make your blog more customized;
  • Upgrade your email service (some of the best email services have a limit of 1,000 subscribers.)

However, as I said:

These costs should only occur when your blog has already achieved a lot and has already become a source of income itself.

So, those expenses shouldn’t bother you at that time.




As you can see, starting a blog is pretty cheap.

It is even cheaper when you can take advantage of great discounts and use the trick with free plans.

So, let’s summarize the costs that are just enough to start a successful blog:

  • Premium Hosting Plan For Just $3.95 per month – Click here.
  • Domain Name – Get it for free
  • In-depth Course For Beginners – Join For Free.
  • Plugins – Use them for free as a beginner
  • Themes – Free

So the minimum cost of starting a blog is – $3.95 per month :O

Not as expensive as you thought, is it?

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With that being said, don’t forget about the most important investment – Your time!

Respect your time and spend it wisely!