Starting a blog is a simple task. Overcoming the fear of doing that, is a totally different story though.

First things first – You are not the only one!

Let me assure you that those top influencer bloggers you follow on a daily basis, went through the same road before they made it. Let me be honest, I was there just as well.

But, there are steps that could ease the process. They would definitely easy it for me back then, if I only knew them.

Well, I was not fortunate enough to stumble upon the articles like this one back then. But, you are!

So, in case you want to overcome your fears of starting a blog, just follow the steps we will talk about below and I guarantee – It will get you through!

  • Identify Your Fears
  • Realize The Truth
  • Break It Down
  • Accept Your Flaws
  • Knowledge
  • Set A Goal
  • Plan
  • Believe In Yourself
  • Be Around Colleagues
  • Ready, Set, Go!
  • Fake It Till You Make It

Though these loud and catchy headlines are cool, let’s talk about each one of the steps in separate.

Make sure to get through each and every one of them. That’s the only way you can get the full picture.

Don’t forget to pin the pin for later:


Identify Your Fears

First things first. What is the fear of starting a blog?

In most cases, it is the confusion caused by uncertainty. Where to start, what to blog about, when to…

Why are you even surprised, everyone would be scared of the new chaotic world. Blogging is a major profession and there is a lot to know about it.

Another popular reason is the fear of not meeting expectations.

The expectations you set for yourself, the expectations of your visitors, the expectations of everyone.

You just might think that everyone would hate your blog… Not just dislike it, HATE IT! It seems like such a big risk.

Yes, these two are the most popular ones but there are dozens of other reasons as well. Whatever it is, make a note for yourself cause we are about to prove why it’s a total waste of time.


Realize The Truth

Let talk about some facts.

I already mentioned that nearly each and every one of those popular bloggers you look up to has gone through the same process you are going through right now.

Fears, uncertainties etc. But look at them now… They look confident enough to make you think that they were born that way.

That’s the fact #1.

Another important fact (#2) is that – You can’t please everyone/Nobody’s perfect. Your visitors will either like you or they won’t care. Even the best blogs out there can’t get the majority (like up to 85%) of their visitors to come back. No pressure to be perfect.

And a couple of negative comments and hate? Don’t worry about those, they happen to everyone. Your dream of being a blogger is way bigger than a bunch of nothing-to-do-other-than-leave-a-negative-comment.

Fact #3 – You will have your loyal followers, no matter what. People like various stuff, at times, some really weird stuff. what makes you think that you are unique enough to suck so badly, that nobody likes you?

Fact #4 – It’s all about the stats! And stats rarely change. If 10% of your first 100 visitors liked your stuff, the next 10% out of any number (1000, 10000, million), will have the same opinion about it just as well.

Fact #5 – It takes time. None of those mentioned bloggers made it in a day. It took months and probably years to get to the point where you were able to find them. Your story won’t probably be any different so be patient and don’t stress yourself with some unrealistic expectations.

Fact #6 – Setting unrealistic expectations are the number one reason for demotivation. And demotivation is the number one reason for quitting. Why would you do that to yourself? Know the facts and set your expectations accordingly.


Break It Down

Now that you identified your fears and know the universal truth about the statistics. You need to identify the gaps and come up with a plan to fill them.

Trust me, once you break the “big problem” down into some little pieces and make a plan to address each one of them separately, things won’t seem all that complicated anymore.

Don’t know where to start, what to do next and what to do after that? 

You need guidance. How about the free Bogging for Beginners 5 Day Bootcamp I published for beginners to go through all of the essentials step by step? That will solve the issue, won’t it?

What to blog about?

Will this article help? 105 Blog Topics And Ideas To Make Money And Have Fun At The Same Time

How to make money blogging and drive traffic?

Even though the Bootcamp, these two articles will guide the way for starters. Traffic, Money.

Don’t know how to create a plan?

Check out this course, I talk a lot about planning for bloggers.

Seriously, this whole blog is about helping people like you. I can’t answer all of them in one article, but I can do it across the platforms.

Just join the 5 Day Bootcamp, comment your question or join our free Facebook group to ask questions.


Accept Your Flaws

Yes, this one again. Cause it’s important. So let’s discuss it once again!

Nobody’s perfect! Neither are you…

And you should not be either.

No matter what you do, you will have some flaws.

You can either stress about them, or just accept them.

Let me tell you this – Your visitors and loyal followers won’t even notice.

Don’t try to be perfect, it is unrealistic.



As I already mentioned, the core essentials are really important at the early stages of your blogging journey.

  • Theory
  • Methods
  • Tools
  • Etc.

I think that everyone thinking about blogging should learn the basics first. Imagine being ready for all of the “expected” obstacles. That will definitely result in less stress, won’t it?

And imagine being aware of all of the assistant tools there are to help you along the way.

That’s the exact reason why I created a free step-by-step Bootcamp for beginners to help everyone go from 0 to 100.


Set A Goal

Let’s be honest – Nothing should ever be done without a final goal in your mind. Of course, blogging is no different.

Whatever your goal is, it should be identified in advance.

Is it making money? Is it fame? Or maybe it is to grow your brand or reputation?

Great. All of these things along with others are easily possible with blogging.

All you need to do at this stage is to set your final goal and plan your steps going forward.



Once you know your goals, you need a plan which will lead your way towards it.

Planning your schedule might be one of the most important steps. It can make or break your blogs’ success.

Plan your actions, plan the expected outcomes. Keep track of them and react adequately.

I talk a lot about planning in my Course as well.


Believe In Yourself

You were worried in the beginning but we addressed all of your fears.

  • You identified your fears;
  • Accepted your flaws;
  • Broke everything down in little pieces;
  • Found a way to learn all of the essentials;
  • Learned that statistics say that there’s no pressure and nobody’s expecting anything special from you;
  • Created a plan
  • Ready to follow it

You know who’s confident? Only the people with a realistic plan. And as I understand, based on the things you’ve learned, you can create yours.

So the only thing left is to say whatever and expect your inevitable piece of cake.


Be Around Your Colleagues

You should never feel alone. It can get confusing.

That’s why you need to stick around fellow bloggers.

It’s always a great idea to join some kind of a community for various reasons like:

  • To ask questions;
  • For learning stuff;
  • To communicate;
  • To collaborate;
  • Get Motivated
  • For positive energy (Friendly members of our group are always there to share some much-needed positive energy, cheer you up, and appreciate your efforts);
  • and so many more…

You might not even want to talk to anyone, but just read… It’s completely okay and acceptable.

I mean why would you be in the darkness all alone? We have a great community of beginner and pro bloggers. You are very welcome to join us.


Ready, Set, Go!

Once you are all set, packed up with all of the essential knowledge and confidence you might need, it’s time to start a blog!

Don’t worry about anything.

Don’t “tomorrow” it!

You will thank yourself for your actions, pretty soon…

See my article about that – How to start a blog.


Fake It Till You Make It

Even if some of the tips and tricks didn’t work for you, there’s still a way to handle your fears of starting a blog.

Fake it till you make it – This technique has been used for ages. It is simple, yet so powerful.

Just blindly follow the mentioned steps (especially the technical ones) and ignore your emotions, doubts, and “logic”.

Trust me, just do it and it will work!

Not just that but, with time, you will also start understanding the reasons behind your blindly-followed actions.


Did these tips help to overcome the fear of starting a blog? Do you have some extra ideas? Just comment below and share your thoughts.