Let’s be honest. Choosing a niche doesn’t really sound all that complicated, does it?

8 Common Beginner Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Niche


For some reason, a lot of beginners are making the same common mistakes over and over when it comes to choosing a blog niche.

What can you do to avoid repeating them?

How about to try this…

I went through the most common mistakes and combined them in a list for you.

You can just go through a list of common beginner mistakes to avoid when choosing a niche for your blog and simply… avoid repeating them.

This list consists of 8 common mistakes:


  1. Misunderstanding The Meaning Of “Niche
  2. Underrating The Power Of A Narrow Niche
  3. Not Researching The Information About A Niche
  4. Picking A Niche Based only On Money
  5. Not Using The Tested Method
  6. Ignoring The “Proven Niche List”
  7. Not Choosing The Perfect One
  8. Not Thinking Ahead


Now, let’s go through them one by one…


Misunderstanding The Meaning Of “Niche”


A lot of people don’t really understand the meaning of a niche.

When we talk about a specific niche, we talk about a group of people with specific interests that they all have in common.

But that’s not the complete definition, nor it is the most important part…

All of the members of a particular niche are interested in a particular topic and can be characterized by similar psychological triggers.

They all have a common goal and a common “problem” that needs to be addressed and solved.

Therefore all of them are likely to show interest in the same products, services, ads etc. approximately the same way.

Understanding that, gives you an ability to realize – niche, is a concrete target audience.


Underrating The Power Of A Narrow Niche


As we talked about above, a niche is a target audience.

Unless you are going to invest tons of time and money in promoting your content, there’s a huge chance you won’t be able to connect with a broad niche.

That’s why you prefer to settle down for the narrow niche first to learn everything about a relatively small group of people rather than try to please everyone in a broad one.

Let me show you an example:

Targeting a broad niche – Healthy Lifestyle.

Targeting a narrow niche – Healthy diet plans on a budget for women.

The first thing you need to remember is that – Your blog should help to “solve problems” of your visitors.

In another case, there’s no point in visiting your blog.

While the broad one gives you way more ideas to write about, will you be able to target, build a relationship and eventually help solve a problem of a specific group as well as in a case of the narrow niche?

Besides, people are way more likely to engage with a blog that is relatable to them and especially their specific interest, than to a general blog.


Not Researching The Information About A Niche


A lot of people advise starting a blog based on your passion.

Well, that might work for some.

For others? It will be one of the worst advice they’ve ever received.

Why would that happen?

Mostly, for three reasons:


Picking A Niche Based Only On Money


First things first – All niches have their specific targeted audience.

And all of them are packed with the various options of monetization.

Choosing a niche solely based on the amount of money that others are making is one of the most common mistakes made by beginners.

Beginners rarely have access to in-depth information about the market.

This means that their awareness of somebody’s success is highly common and is based on some public information.

And that definitely means – Others have that same information as well and this niche is full of competitors that beginners won’t be able to handle.

Trust me, you can make money blogging in all of the niches, in case you know how to choose. We will talk about it later on in this article.


Not Using The Tested Method


You might want to make a decision based only on your intuition.

Or you might prefer to go through step-by-step instructions to assist you with making a wise choice.

Either way, it’s good to check out the tested method that has helped a lot of people to choose a niche they never regretted.


Ignoring The “Proven Niche List”


As I mentioned earlier, passion for your niche is a great start.

However, that definitely doesn’t mean that you will succeed.

As a beginner, you should prefer to pick a niche that has been proven to be popular and profitable.

Now, this might sound like a limitation but a list of 100+ blog niche ideas should definitely have an idea that you will be able to like.

And don’t forget that you are searching for a narrow niche, which makes this list way bigger.


Not Choosing “The Perfect One”


Even though all of the ideas from the proven niche list are great, not all of them are equal.

Not just generally, but they are not equal to your needs as well.

Some of them will fit your comfort-zone and your priorities way better than others.

Just go through the method I shared and learn how to find a perfect one that fits you and won’t make you regret your choice later.


Not Thinking Ahead


When it’s all said and done, you need to ask yourself one very important question.

Will I enjoy writing, communicating, engaging with this niche in a while from now?

You need to be honest with yourself.

Let’s be honest, starting a blog is one of the best escapes from the boring 9-5 life and is full of opportunities.

There are a lot of niche ideas as well. So why would you torture yourself with a bad fit in the long-term if it will be like the same 9-5?


What do you think about these mistakes? Have you heard of somebody who has done them?

Have I missed something?

Share your thoughts in a comment section below.