Blogging is just amazing. Honestly, I think that blogging for money is something that everyone has to try.

15 Common Lies About Blogging That Expert Bloggers Use To Trick You

But bloggers tell lies!

I can definitely talk for hours about the amazingness of blogging and I won’t even have to say any tiny lie about it to prove my point.

However, there are a lot of bloggers that just come up with some random lies about blogging to convince you to start one and not enough honest bloggers are truly denying it.

Some of them have some commercial purposes, some are just filling up their content and others just don’t have enough information.

I decided to collect the list of the most popular lies and talk about them.

So here are the 15 lies I’ll expose in this article:

15 Common Lies About Blogging

  1. You Don’t Have To Choose A Niche
  2. Blogging Is Easy
  3. You Have To Be In A Hurry
  4. You Have To Do It All On Your Own
  5. Just Start A Blog, People Will Visit
  6. You Have To Become A Great Writer
  7. You Have To Post Every Day
  8. Beginners Can Make It Overnight
  9. Blogging Is Just Fun
  10. You’ll Make A lot Of Money, Easily
  11. Your Competitors Don’t Really Matter
  12. You Have To Write About The Topic You LIKE
  13. You Have To Optimize For S.E.O
  14. Don’t Waste Your Traffic On Ads
  15. Not Everyone’s Cut For It

Let’s go through them, one by one.


You Don’t Have To Choose A Niche


A lot of beginners think that they can run a general blog and write about everything.

That would make a lot of sense only in one case – You’re time resources are unlimited and you can cover every topic you touch, in-depth.

Unless that’s your case, my advice will be to stick to one niche.

And don’t worry; it’s pretty easy to find a perfect niche that you won’t regret.

Check out my article that will help you with that.


Blogging Is Easy


Blogging is not easy.

At least not for a beginner.

It is pretty simple though.

And the difference between “these two” is probably one of the most common misconceptions about blogging in general.

However, it gets way easier once you learn the simple basics.

That’s why I highly recommend joining free blogging for beginners course to make sure that you have the essential knowledge needed to become a serious blogger.


You Have To Be In A Hurry


Well, you don’t… but.

Fresh searches for the answers are held every second and the demand for them is as high as ever.

Each second somebody is visiting a blog that they’ve never visited.

New products, new answers, new experience.

They might find something interesting and might even be responsible for some extra bucks earned by the owner of that blog.

Why couldn’t that have been your blog?

What exactly are you waiting for?


Start A Blog

How To Overcome Your Fears Of Starting A Blog


You Have To Do It All On Your Own


Some people think that they will start a blog and then search for the answers to their questions whenever they occur.

That’s just… weird.

I think that any beginner should do a couple of things in the beginning:

Your journey will be so much easier.


Just Start A Blog, People Will Visit


Content is the king!

However, good content is worth nothing without a fine promotional campaign.

You can write the best material, hit the publish button and hope for the best.

But, in 99.99999% nothing will happen and nobody’s going to have an opportunity to read your awesome articles.

No… You won’t show up in the Google results automatically.

That’s why you need to promote your content via S.E.O. , social media or paid campaigns.

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You Have To Become A Great Writer


Let me tell you this – Bloggers are not journalists. (at least in the majority of cases)

Blogging is for real people, not pros.

People like reading blogs for their honesty and realness rather than their professionalism.

Just be real and don’t worry – People will love your authenticity.


You Have To Post Every Day


When we’re talking about blogging – It’s definitely about quality rather than quantity.

Your blog is – YOUR BLOG.

You don’t have to do anything unless you are comfortable with it.

And I don’t think that anyone is comfortable with publishing a new post every single day.

The forced frequency will hurt your quality and that’s the worst thing to do, especially when there’s no need to do that.

Be patient and…

Just make sure to do your best whenever you publish your article.


You Can Make It Overnight


There are some people who become stars overnight.

But those people are an anomaly to the rule.

And the rule is…

Results take time and blogging is no exception.

Just be patient and keep searching for ways to succeed.


Blogging Is Just Fun


Blogging is fun.

Like a lot of fun!

But make no mistake – It’s a job, no matter how you put it.

You have to put in a lot of effort in order to make it.

Sometimes, you’ll be stuck doing some technical stuff, editing your content gets boring, expectations won’t always be met.


Even though it is not always fun and it is the best “job” I’ve ever had.


You’ll Make A lot Of Money, Easily


Yeah, yeah…

You’ll get rich like those bloggers making millions per month in no time.

I don’t know why does this lie still make the cut, cause It clearly doesn’t make any sense.

Nothing worth having comes easy.

And in case you are older than a 7th-grade school student, you know that money definitely doesn’t come easy.

However… You can and should make your journey simple by following the well-tested methods.

Start with my “free blogging for beginners course”  for example.


Your Competitors Don’t Really Matter


No matter what niche you choose, it will be full of competitors.

There’s almost zero chance of that not happening.

And those competitors do matter.

However, it’s not always a bad thing.

Honestly,  more than half of my research process always goes through those competitors.

Their stats are a great way to see what works and what doesn’t.

Hell of a way to save time on testing.

Especially once you master my cookbook technique.


You Have To Write About The Topic You LIKE


There are a lot of reasons why you should write about what you like.

The main one is probably pretty obvious – You are passionate about a certain topic and you just want to talk about it.


Your passion might not be all that profitable or popular as you expect.

Honestly, it all depends on your goals.

Is it money? fun? Is it your reputation?

In some cases, your topic might be just what you need.

In others… It might turn out to be the total opposite.

Just go through the article on how to choose a niche and understand your “why”.


You Have To Optimize For S.E.O.


People still think that traffic will just magically show up from Google as soon as you hit the publish button.

And others are still saying that your efforts are useless without the S.E.O. traffic.

Excuse my language, but what kind of bullshit is that.

You can’t just rank in Google just because you optimized your content.

It takes way more than that.

You will get some random visitors. But that’s not because you optimized. That’s because Google is searching for some new results in the dark.

Google’s blind efforts will be way more effective than your optimization with no S.E.O. campaign.

And Is it even worth it?

I would say that it’s only worth trying for people who are trying to get traffic from the search engines.

There are lots of other options – Check out my article about the main sources of traffic.


Don’t Waste Your Traffic On Ads


They say that serious bloggers don’t place ads on their blogs.

The reason is simple – Visitors just click ads and bounce off from your blog.

Honestly, only around 1% of your visitors are ready to take any action.

What makes you think that the person you lost to the ads was the one?

Keep in mind, that person didn’t even bother to come back to your content “which was about to convert him or her”.

Don’t worry about that and enjoy the money you made from those ad clicks.


Not Everyone’s Cut For It


I hate this “fact”.

People keep saying that blogging is not for everyone like it’s that limited that it only fits a certain category of people.

It’s like saying that music is not for everyone.

Everyone can find their niche and everyone can optimize their skills for blogging.

It’s just a matter of your efforts of mixing your comfort-zone with your skills and goals.


Have you read any of these lies?

I really hope my answers helped and calmed you down.

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.