1. So you want to start your career of a blogger or just make some extra money. That’s a hell of a journey… And most importantly – it’s a great idea!

Trust me, whichever your goal is, this guide is just what you need to get started.

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I believe that the best way to learn something is to go through it step by step. Before making a lot of money online, you need to start… need to feel it!

And starting by making 1k right away, is definitely the best way to do so…

This method is also often referred to as “Starters Kit” or “First Step To Make Easy Money Online” along with others.

But the point is that this guide helps to actually START and EARN, right away.

A lot of my followers tried using this technique to get started, earned money and succeeded with it. Then moved on to making 10k etc. But that’s another story to be told…

Honestly, to this day, I still get income from blogs like that, which I created a long time ago. Extra cash is always a pleasure, right?

I get it. You can’t wait to find out what are these super simple blogs which are able to get you some income right away.

Let’s get to it.

The idea behind these blogs is simple – Launch a basic blog, with some material around a certain topic which can easily be collected by searching on Internet, publish it, drive traffic through social media channel and monetize with ads. Enjoy your instant income!

It might sound a little confusing or hard to understand at first, but don’t worry, this guide will lead your way step by step.

What’s important is, that it works for everyone and will work for you as well!

Let’s list the steps we will go through:

  1. Choose A Niche
  2. Launch A Site
  3. Register For Adsense
  4. Register An Account On Pinterest
  5. Do A little Research
  6. Fill In The Content (C.F.P Technique)
  7. Use Canva
  8. Do The Routine
  9. Enjoy your first 1k

Save the photo for later:

Want to make some quick money blogging? Follow this step by step tutorial for beginners to make fast $1000 in the first money.

Now get ready to go through these steps of this method step by step.

1. Choose A Niche

If you’ve been following our blog for long enough, you already know that every niche has a specific target audience which can be addressed through a certain channel.

In our case, we already know where we are going to promote the blog at, which means that sticking to the niches popular on Pinterest is the smartest way to get started.

What are the popular niches on Pinterest though?

Don’t worry. This guide is for beginners, so everything is covered step by step. You don’t need to research it on your own.

As you can see, there are some niches which are more popular than others. And women are way more active…

But keep in mind that, popular niches are way more competitive than unpopular ones. So sticking to the niches in the middle of the graph, will probably be wise.

It’s up to you though… You will get your piece of cake in any case.

Did you choose one? Great, now let’s move on to the next step.


2. Launch A Site

You need an actual blog to earn money with this method, right?

So you need to launch one.

That can be confusing but fortunately, we have a guide for that as well.

My popular step by step guide to starting a blog will help you with that.

Go to this link and follow the steps described and come back with a website to go on and learn how to monetize it.

And remember, in order to start getting money, you need to ACTUALLY START!

Note: Launching a website is not free but you can get that investment back within probably a week or so if you follow this guide. And since you are already following it, there’s nothing to worry about!

To make thing even better and cheaper we have a discount code for you as well, which is accessible through the link. Plus you will get a Free domain!

Now it’s time to move on from boring stuff to fun part and get the money!


3. Sign Up For Adsense

If you followed all of the previous steps, now you have a website. Congratulations.

But having one is just a beginning. Now you want to earn your first bucks.

Adsense partnership program is just what you need!

First of all, if you don’t already know, Adsense a.k.a. Google Adsense is a company started and owned by… You guessed it… Google.

It is by far the most used online advertising platform. And it is the best option for beginners as well.

Especially for blogs like the one which you are about to earn money with.

To register an account, go to the Adsense page by following this link.

Your account should be approved in a couple of hours (It might take a couple of days in some cases). For more tips you can check out my other article about Google Adsense as well.

Note: Google rarely approves blogs with no content, so you can either postpone this process till you have some content or use up a couple of days till Google will review your blog and fill it up with a couple of articles.

The great this is that this is just the beginning and later on, you can add other monetization methods and make way more than just these quick $1,000. You can learn these methods from my popular 5 Day Bootcamp which is absolutely free as well.


4. Register An Account On Pinterest

Now you need an account on Pinterest.

But now just an account. You need a business account.

It sounds a little misleading though. it is FREE but has some extra features for bloggers.

Go to Pinterest and sign up for one.

Shouldn’t be confusing at all. If it is though, you can always use an official guide.

Great, now you have a website, applied for Adsense and signed up for Pinterest.

You have all of the pieces required to start making money blogging.


5. Do A little Research

Before filling up your blog with content, you have to know what type of content is necessary.

In order to do so, all you have to do is explore stuff on Pinterest.

You already know your niche and you know what your blog will be about. Search for similar content and look for the sites running the same system that we are teaching you (Trust me, Pinterest is full of it).

Found some similar blogs? That means that you just ran your first research.

Now you know what your blog should look like.

Which leads us to the next step…


6. Fill In The Content (Collect, Filter And Publish Technique)

Now that you know what your blog should look like, you need to start.

The best method for beginners is to use the technique I like to call “CFP – Collect, Filter and Publish Technique”.

This method is great for beginners because it is actually a great way to understand what your visitors are all about.

It goes like:

  1. Search for the material and collect it.
  2. Filter it out and pick the ones that you would like your visitors to enjoy.
  3. Publish the best ones to make sure your content has actual value to your visitors.

So now… Collect some material by searching it through Google, Youtube or Pinterest and publish it on your blog. (don’t forget to link to the source of the material in your articles!)

The whole idea of this process is that, instead of creating unique content, your blog is all about collecting the best findings and presenting them to the visitors of your blog.

That’s why you need to care about the quality of content you present and care about the reputation of your blog.

You want visitors to get the real value of saving their time so that they will come back.

Which will lead to more traffic and more money for you.

Some people don’t understand this method and think it is not ethical but…

There’s nothing wrong with sharing content of other people as long as you make sure that you credit the authors of the initial material in your article (if they have not noted that it is forbidden).

It has a lot of technical and ranking benefits for authors of the content which beginners are not really able to understand.

So don’t worry, it’s a win-win type of scenario for everybody.


7. Use Canva

Now you need to promote your blog… This whole technique is about Pinterest, so you need to get ready for it.

You probably noticed that Pinterest is not about words, but is about graphics.

Photos that people pin…

So you need to create pins for your articles.

Don’t worry… There’s a simple way to do so.

All you need to do is go to the website called and create a pin.

The whole process is as simple as it might get.

Here’s a link to the video we found for you on Youtube that goes through the process step by step.


8. Do The Routine

Now you know how to use C.F.P. technique so you have content and you can already create pins.

  1. More articles require more pins…
  2. More pins you promote your blog with, more traffic you will get.
  3. And of course, more traffic you get, more money you earn.

So all you have to do is publish, promote and get money…


9. Count The Money – Enjoy your first 1k

Within the first month, you can easily earn the first 1k dollars. You will probably earn more the next month etc.

This kind of blogs do have some traffic limits but…

You can always use this technique to create more websites as well.


That’s it! You just officially became a blogger who is about to get paid within the first month!

But that’s just a beginning! You can earn WAAAAAAAY more!


For that exact matter, I created a free, advanced course for beginners!

It will teach you:

  • How to start a blog like a pro;
  • How to pack your blog with the essential and necessary content (How to write correctly, Placement, Timing etc.);
  • Integrate monetization to make money (Affiliate marketing, Dropshipping etc.);
  • How to drive traffic (All of the core sources);
  • How to count your projected outcome in advance using the formula;
  • The exact method I used for making 6-figures!;
  • And many more!;

All of these are covered in the course, step by step!

My goal is to make sure that you get everything you need in order to truly start your blogging career the right way!

As I’ve already said – My advice would be to launch a blog based on the 1k plan I just shared with you and simultaneously join the free step-by-step course for beginners.

This way you will earn money, see the potential and get prepared for the huge goals based on the knowledge you will get throughout the course!

And it will get you way more than just $1,000!

In case your goal is in fact – to actually start blogging for money, this is everything any beginner can ever dream of.

I know that I definitely dreamed of that as a beginner… That’s exactly why I came up with this universal combo.

So think for yourself… What exactly are you waiting for?

Got anything you want to ask? There’s a comment section below. You can also join our free Facebook group for beginners!