I bet you’ve heard a lot of stories about some successful bloggers.

How Much Money Do Bloggers Make? Facts + The Method To Count

It will probably be harder to impress you, but I’ll still give it a shot.

Or maybe you haven’t heard any of those at all.

Then I might have some shocking numbers to share with you.

Some bloggers are lying and others are not sharing the information at all.


It’s time to talk about the truth and share the facts.

I got my own ways to do that and we will get to it step by step.

In this article, we will discuss the following:

  • Can You Really Make Money Blogging?
  • What’s The Range Of Income For Bloggers?
  • How are bloggers paid?
  • How Can You Count Bloggers Income? (With Formula)
  • Is It Too Late?
  • Why Is All This Great For Me?

I can’t wait to share all this information with you.

Let’s begin:


Can You Really Make Money Blogging?


This is one of the most common questions among people who’ve just heard about blogging for money.

And it’s understandable.

This platform looks so cool and fun that sometimes its not taken seriously.


There are a lot of bloggers making a lot of money blogging.

For example, look at this list of 23 successful bloggers.

They are making from $5,000 to $150,000 + every single month.

And honestly, they are just the ones that share their results.


What’s The Range Of Income For Bloggers?


Another great question is – what’s the range for the blogger’s income.

It highly depends on a couple of factors:

So, answering the initial question is pretty much – impossible.

The range of various bloggers’ income can be from $500 up to millions of dollars per month (check out the article).



How Are The Bloggers Being Paid?


Bloggers are rarely paid for their job.

That’s more of a freelancer’s way to earn money.

Bloggers are monetizing their blog with some various methods like:


  • Monetize A Property (the blog itself)
  • Sell Product
  • Sell Service


Trust me, that’s just a bad way to describe those ways.


You can see ALL of those methods in this article.



How Can You Count Bloggers Income? (With Formula)


You probably already know that every marketing activity is based on some numbers.

Numbers are everywhere and there are real game-changers.

Of course, the quality goes a long way but don’t let that confuse you – quantity is highly relevant just as well.

Almost everything about blogging is countable.

So is the estimated income of any blog as long as it’s not really out of the common range.


And there’s a trick to count blogger’s estimated income:

You need to:

  1. A – Know their traffic (try com to measure the estimated traffic).
  2. B- Count the AVERAGE price of the product (or income per product) sold by a blog (whether it’s a product or service).
  3. C – Know the average benchmark of the conversion rate – That’s around 0.2-1.2.% for the majority of blogs).

Now it’s time to count – AxBxC

Got the results?

That number is an approximate income of the blog.

I talk a lot about this technique in my free blogging course.



Is It Too Late?



It’s not too late to join the party.

Not just that but…

In my opinion – This is the perfect time to get yourself some front seats.

Related – Is blogging dead? Is it too late to join?

Especially, when you can join some great courses that will lead your way from 0 to a pro blogger.

You can join my free blogging course for beginners for example.


Why Is All This Great For Me?


Bloggers are making a lot of money.

I think I’ve already proven that by sharing a list of successful bloggers and a formula to count the approximate numbers of bloggers.

Now, all this is especially great for you when you can master the cookbook technique that I share in my free blogging course for beginners.

The modern web is amazing and full of opportunities.

Make sure to take the power in your own hands.

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Did you get the answers to your questions?

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