I’ve come across alot of myths about blogging throughout my blogging career.

Some of them made sense, some of them were caused by the lack of information and some of them…


They were just funny and ridiculous.

In this article, I tried to combine all of those myths and debunk them once and for all.

Here’s the list of the most common blogging myths I’ve heard:


  1. Good Content Is Enough
  2. Blogging Is Easy
  3. Choosing One Niche Will Limit You (And That’s A Bad Thing)
  4. Blogging Is Dead
  5. Blogging Is Saturated
  6. Blogging Is Not Here To Stay
  7. It’s Just Too Late
  8. You Have To Be A Pro Writer
  9. You Have To Post Every Day
  10. If It’s Not Happening Right Away, It Won’t Ever
  11. It’s Best To Start A Blog For Free Rather Than With Premium Hosting & Domain
  12. You Have To Do It All On Your Own
  13. Pinterest Marketing Is A Joke
  14. Successful Bloggers Are Lying
  15. It’s A Scam, It Can’t Be For Real, It’s A Joke
  16. You Can’t Build A Career Out Of Blogging
  17. Nobody’s Going To Teach Me How To Truly Make It Work
  18. There’s No Way To Make Easy Money
  19. You Have To Know People To Promote You
  20. It’s All Just Fun
  21. You Don’t Have To Rush
  22. You Have To Be Perfect
  23. Tiny Details Matter A Lot
  24. Bloggers Can Only Make Money With Ads


Let’s start talking about them, one by one.


1. Good Content Is Enough


Content is the king!

However, good content is worth nothing without a fine promotional campaign.

You can write the best material, hit the publish button and hope for the best.

But, in 99.99999% nothing will happen and nobody’s going to have an opportunity to read it.

No… You won’t show up in the Google results automatically.

That’s why you need to promote your content via S.E.O. , social media or paid campaigns.

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2. Blogging Is Easy


Blogging is not easy.

At least not for a beginner.

It can be pretty simple though.

And the difference between “these two” is probably one of the most common misconceptions about blogging in general.

However, it gets way easier once you learn the simple basics.

That’s why I highly recommend joining the Free Blogging for Beginners 5-Day Bootcamp to make sure that you have the essential knowledge needed to become a serious blogger.


3. Choosing One Niche Will Limit You (And That’s A Bad Thing)


A lot of beginners think that they can run a general blog and write about everything.

That would make a lot of sense only in one case – You’re time resources are unlimited and you can cover every topic you touch, in-depth.

Unless that’s your case, my advice will be to stick to one niche.

And don’t worry; it’s pretty easy to find a perfect niche that you won’t regret.

Check out my article that will help you with that.


4. Blogging Is Dead


I’ve heard this one a lot of times.

And trust me… It’s just a clickbait!

Blogging is definitely not dead and the increasing interest among the beginners is here to prove that fact.

The unique value presented by blog content creates a unique platform for vendors across the world to create fresh market space and increase their sales.

And this platform is just getting started.


5. Blogging Is Saturated


You would think that with so many blogs out there, blogging might be saturated.


What does the saturation mean though?

Think about it.

The world is changing and content gets outdated.

People have needs and new “solutions” are created every day.

Blogs are just a platform to increase the awareness about those “solutions”, in people, who are searching for them.



6. Blogging Is Not Here To Stay


How does it even make any sense?

Personal blogs are just a platform for real people to share their honestly authentic

  • Experience;
  • opinions;
  • knowledge;
  • advice…

People are always interested in all that.

And they do prefer to receive that information from the real people that they trust instead of some commercial giants investing tons of money to influence customers decisions.

So yes… blogging is here to stay for a long time.


7. It’s Just Too Late


Some people believe that blogging is saturated and others believe that it’s too late.

Both of them are sooo wrong.

Fresh content will always beat the old, outdated content.

That’s a time-proof fact.

Is blogging competitive? Yes.

Does it mean you can’t beat your competitors? No.

Just make sure to be fresh and up to date to keep up with the trend and you’ll always be a front-runner.


8. You Have To Be A Pro Writer


Let me tell you this – Bloggers are not journalists. (at least in the majority of cases).

Blogging is for real people, not pros.

People like reading blogs for their honesty and realness rather than their professionalism.

Just be real and don’t worry – People will love your authenticity.


9. You Have To Post Every Day


When we’re talking about blogging – It’s definitely about quality rather than quantity.

Your blog is – YOUR BLOG.

You don’t have to do anything unless you are comfortable with it.

And I don’t think that anyone is comfortable with publishing a new post every single day.

The forced frequency will hurt your quality and that’s the worst thing to do, especially when there’s no need to do that.

Be patient and…

Just make sure to do your best whenever you publish your article.


10. If It’s Not Happening Right Away, It Won’t Ever Happen


There are some people who become stars overnight.

But those people are an anomaly to the rule.

And the rule is…

Results take time and blogging is no exception.

Just be patient and keep searching for ways to succeed.


11. It’s Best To Start A Blog For Free Rather Than With Premium Hosting & Domain


No, no and… No!

Even though it might be fine in some cases, generally speaking, it’s not the correct way to start.

You are trying to turn your visitors into loyal followers.

The one thing you want them to remember is your domain name!

And you want their experience to be fast-loading and pointless-ads-free. (yeap, sarcastic reference to the free options.)

You can change the logo, you can change a theme, you can change articles.

But your domain is your brand.

Especially, when that’s the only investment you need to do. (check out my honest article about how much does it really cost to start a blog).


12. You Have To Do It All On Your Own


Some people think that they will start a blog and then search for the answers to their questions whenever they occur.

That’s just… weird.

I think that any beginner should do a couple of things in the beginning:


13. Pinterest Marketing Is A Joke


Pinterest was (and still kind of is) a hidden treasure for bloggers for a long time.

Marketers around the world quit on Pinterest because they simply don’t understand how this social media works.

Well, maybe that’s the problem… It’s not a social media platform… It’s more of a search engine, full of ideas.

To be honest, Pinterest is probably the best platform for beginners and is one of the easiest sources of traffic – As long as you know how to do it, properly.

And since a lot of people quit on it because they don’t understand it, it’s relatively less competitive.

And even if it was competitive – Pinterest loves and prioritizes fresh content!

Great place to be a beginner with tons of fresh content, huh?


14. Successful Bloggers Are Lying


Let’s make it clear – Even though some bloggers might be lying about a lot of stuff, most of them are completely honest.

They might add a couple of sentences to add a selling value to their opinions, but it’s just a part of their job.

The most important part is – No successful blogger will ruin his or her reputation with a lie, just to sell a product.

Trust me – The value of authority of a successful blogger costs way more than an income driven by some extra sales.

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15. It’s A Scam, It Can’t Be For Real, It’s A Joke


I think I’ve already mentioned this a couple of times – Blogging is a platform.

A platform to communicate with people, to share experience, thoughts, ideas and advice.

And even the most non-profitable blogs make money out of their blogs with simple things like donations and ads.

And yes… It is for real.

Once again, let me throw an article about the most successful bloggers.



16. You Can’t Build A Career Out Of Blogging


For some reason, people keep doubting blogging for money.

Maybe because it sounds too good to be true?!

Or maybe blogs are still perceived as the personal journals where people just share their stories.


It is good (I would say just nearly perfect) and it is true and blogs are not just non-commercial personal journals anymore.

If I did it, you can build a career out of blogging as well– period.

And we won’t be alone either…

Look at all of these bloggers making 4,5,6,7 digits per month.


17. Nobody’s Going To Teach Me How To Truly Make It Work


I get it…

Why would anyone share their secrets of making money blogging rather than just make more money using those methods?

Well, the answer is pretty simple and not as shocking as you would expect.

We share the majority of our content for free for a reason.

We’re already making money and it just feels good to make a difference by helping people.

The main point is – It doesn’t really increase the competition.

And – a couple of extra-cost-free affiliate links in our articles (that we truly believe in and advise) are getting us some additional income.

In the end, everybody’s a winner.


18. There’s No Way To Make Easy Money


Most of the time, there’s no such thing as “easy money”.


There are a couple of ways to make easy money blogging.

For example, go through my method to some extra money monthly with an easy-to-make blog.



19. You Have To Know People To Promote You


One of my favorite parts about digital marketing is that you can do it all on your own.

Your words are your content and the internet is full of opportunities to promote your content for free.

Do you need to know people to “push you”? Not really.

And even when you do, people (even the top influencers) are very friendly.

Seriously… Good content is the key!

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20. It’s All Just Fun


Blogging is fun.

Like a lot of fun!

But make no mistake – It’s a job, no matter how you put it.

You have to put in a lot of effort in order to make it.

Sometimes, you’ll be stuck doing some technical stuff, editing your content gets boring, expectations won’t always be met.

And even though it is not always fun and it is the best “job” I’ve ever had.


21. You Don’t Have To Rush


Well, you don’t… but.

Fresh searches for the answers are held every second and the demand for them is as high as ever.

Each second somebody is visiting a blog that they’ve never visited.

New products, new service, new experience.

They might find something interesting and might even be responsible for some extra bucks to the owner of that blog.

Why couldn’t that have been your blog?

What exactly are you waiting for?

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22. You Have To Be Perfect


Any blogger is unique and sees the content differently.

That’s the beauty of it, That’s why see keep exploring the content even when we’ve already read about it – Different views on the same topic.

There is no such thing as perfection.

There’s just the uniqueness.

So, just be you and don’t worry.

Your loyal readers are the ones that love the style of your content and they love it as it is.


23. Tiny Details Matter A Lot


I see a lot of people spending time on the tiny details like a domain name, the design of their blog, logo etc.

The only thing that matters is the quality of your content.

Tiny details won’t make much of a difference and definitely won’t turn the bad content into a great one.

Just do your best to not ruin it with those tiny details.


24. Bloggers Can Only Make Money With Ads


Some people still think that blogs can only make money with their content.

What they don’t realize is that blog, is just a “magnet”.

You can make money blogging with so many methods.

  • Monetize A Property (the blog itself)

  • Sell Product

  • Sell Service

Seriously, somebody should just tell them to visit my article about blog monetization.


In Conclusion

These myths are just a small portion of the myths about blogging you might come around.

Honestly, I don’t think it makes sense to talk about each one of them.

Instead, I would say this:

Blogging is a unique platform, full of ridiculously good opportunities.

You can build a successful career and mix it with life as you wish.

For a lot of us – It’s a dream come true.

Join our Facebook group and go through your journey with us.


Just like that, we debunked these myths!

Have you heard any other myths?

Share in the comment section below.