For some reason, a lot of people think that blogging for money was some kind of a balloon that was meant to influence people in its unique way.

“It worked for a while and then just became irrelevant.”

“Those who were fortunate enough made some money from it but… It was just not here to stay.”

“At least, not for long because it got saturated pretty quickly.”

“Dead? Was it even ever alive?”

“ It’s a scam.”

Have you heard anything like these?

Let me make it clear right away – These people don’t know what they are talking about.

All these misconceptions are totally based on some common myths about blogging.

Let’s break it down a bit further and address each one of them separately.


It’s Too Late To Start Blogging


People should just stop claiming something and forcing others to believe it like it’s a fact.

Too late for what?

First, you need to understand what this whole blogging is really about.

Personal blogs are just a platform for real people to share their honestly authentic…

  • Experience;
  • Opinions;
  • knowledge;
  • Advice…

People are always interested in all that.

And they do prefer to receive that information from the real people that they trust instead of some commercial giants investing tons of money to influence customers decisions.

So, this platform is unique and valuable for both readers and vendors.

The way I like to look at it is that blogs are just a mix of informational sites with little pieces of social media’s vibe and celebrity’s influence factor.

Kind of a perfect mix, isn’t it?

This leads us to a conclusion – too late? It’s just getting started.

Unless you think…


Ok But, Competitors… All Of The Front Seats Are Taken


You can’t beat competitors, cause they’ve been here for a long time.

Makes sense…


Blogging is different.

Blogs are all about content and…

Fresh content will always beat the old, outdated content.

That’s a time-proof fact.

Is blogging competitive? Yes.

Does it mean you can’t beat your competitors? No.

Just make sure to be fresh and up to date to keep up with the trend and you’ll always be a front-runner.

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Nobody Reads Blogs Anymore


This statement can’t be more misleading.

Everybody reads blogs.

And the reason behind it is the same one that we discussed above:

People prefer to receive that information from the real people that they trust instead of some commercial giants investing tons of money to influence customers decisions.

See the list of 100+ blog topics and ideas that are popular.


Blogging Is Saturated


You would think that with so many blogs out there, blogging might be saturated.


What does the saturation mean though?

Think about it.

The world is changing and content gets outdated.

People have needs and new “solutions” are created every day.

Blogs are just a platform to increase the awareness about those “solutions”, in people, who are searching for them.

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Blogging For Money Is A Scam


For some reason, people keep doubting blogging for money.

Maybe because it sounds too good to be true?!

Or maybe blogs are still perceived as the personal journals where people just share their stories.

I think I’ve already mentioned this a couple of times – Blogging is just a platform for spreading the information.

Maybe it is as close to perfection as it gets.

A platform to communicate with people, to share experience, thoughts, ideas and advice.

And even the most non-profitable blogs make money out of their blogs with simple things like donations and ads.

And yes… It is for real.

Let me throw an article about the most successful bloggers.

And don’t worry.

Those numbers are checked and real.

Therefore, their numbers definitely don’t sound like a scam to me.



Blogging Is Dead


I tried to answer all of the misconceptions that lead me to this one:

Blogging is dead – False.

Blogging is definitely not dead and the increasing interest among the beginners is here to prove that fact.

The unique value presented by blog content creates a unique platform for vendors across the world to create fresh market space and increase their sales.

And this platform is just getting started.

Want to see it Live?

Join our group full of experienced and beginner bloggers killing it and sharing knowledge, tips and just creating a great blogging community.


So as you can see, no… Blogging is not dead yet and I don’t see it going anywhere in years to come, either.

In my opinion, blogging is just getting started.

And I think it’s a great time to get your front seats.

Go to my free blogging course for beginners and get ready to start your amazing journey.