In case you want to learn how to come up with a blog name without spending hours coming up with endless ideas, you are just about to solve that issue with this guide.

Before we begin, let’s be honest – I bet you keep thinking about some various blog names and none of them seems to be catchy enough.

You think that the future of your blog depends on the name.

If it’s not good enough, people want to excited about it and won’t visit your blog as much as they would if it’s great.

Let me tell you this – You are definitely not alone!

I remember the time when I thought that the names of my blogs mattered that much.

Name mattered more than anything else. I thought that it had to be the best one possible and beat the competition, otherwise, nobody will be interested in what my blog can offer them.

Plus who wants to remember a complicated name anyway, right?


Turns out, people don’t even pay attention to the name of the sites they visit for the first time.

On the other hand, in case they like your content, they will like your name as well. If they won’t, they won’t care about that fact anyway.

They will make sure to find a way to coming back to your blog. They can at least bookmark it for starters.

Aaaand, they will probably remember that name in the end!

Yep! They will… Even if it sounds weird, it’s hard to remember or too long.

All of that means – It’s all about your content, not your blog name.

So in case you want to come up with a blog name, remember the main thing – Don’t overcomplicate the process.

All you need is a blog name, which sounds exciting – For YOU!

The only thing you can add to your blog name is to mix it with basic S.E.O. principles. But first, you need the basics…

So let’s talk about that.

We will teach you how to come up with a blog name in a couple of steps.

My Experience – The Valuable Lesson!

In the beginning, I used a lot of methods like spreadsheets and stuff like that to make sure that I list all of the names I like.

Honestly, a lot of time has passed since then.

I’ve been using a simple method for years now and named a lot of blogs using it. I didn’t really like some of them right from the moment I clicked the purchase button, but…

I like them now! Because they are associated with the success I’ve achieved with those blogs.

That’s another great thing about blog names:

  1. They don’t matter as much as you think they do if they matter at all.
  2. You will like them with time even if you don’t really like them in the beginning.

Now, with all that in mind, let’s learn how to come up with a blog name that you will love!

How To Come Up With A Blog Name

Now before we talk about my method let’s rewind back a little – As I’ve already mentioned, the only thing that can matter about your name is whether it is S.E.O.-friendly or not.

I think everybody wants some extra traffic, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t take S.E.O. efforts into consideration.

Don’t worry though. There are only two things that can matter.

  1. Keyword in the name
  2. the ending a.k.a. .com .net .org etc.

Now it’s up to you whether you care about that or not. I’ve seen a lot of websites that have a non-S.E.O.-friendly name but still rank well.

You know why?

Easy – They rank thanks to their content!

Now, let’s stick to the main stages of learning how to come up with a blog name and get back to my method.

It is actually very simple.

1. First, you need all of the words associated with the topic your blog is about. Make a list of related words that you can come up with.


2. Think of the keywords that people might use to search for your topic.


3. Find synonyms – Now go to the thesaurus and find the synonyms to the words you’ve already listed.


4. Got some creative ideas? Add them to your list as well.

You can also see the ideas from my 400+ blog name ideas.


5. This is probably the most important step. Go to Namemesh (or any other blog name generator) and write each one of those words in a search bar to get additional ideas. (Make sure to come back before purchasing anything, you are not there yet.)


6. Once you have a list of the possible names for your blog it’s time to check if they’re available or not. Write them into a search bar below:


7. Now you have a filtered version of your domains and they are available.


8. It’s time to make a choice! Remember, it doesn’t matter all that much! All you need is a domain name that sounds good to you!



As we always say – One of the most important mistakes that people make is hesitation!

You want to take steps right away and don’t let them stop you from achieving your goals!

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Talking about the importance of blog names – I got myself 3 blog names (for blogs I haven’t even come up with yet) to make sure that I got this cheap deal and a free domain with it.

Even though they are made-up words, they still might not (perfectly) match the niches I will make those blogs about. But that doesn’t matter!

Do you think I would do that in case names did matter?

As a quick reminder, I would like to remind you that you can find a lot of further details on this topic along with other in-depth lessons about blogging in the free step-by-step course I shared with my visitors.


That’s it for our guide to learn how to come up with a blog name.

Did you choose a name? Do you have any further questions?

Don’t hesitate to ask us in a comment section below!