When it comes to blogging, you need to know how to choose a niche.

In case your choice is based on the income potential, you need to know – You are definitely not alone.

That’s the go-to need for the majority of beginner bloggers.

However, there’s always room for new bloggers who know what they are doing, even if they are total newbies.

Long story short? Fresh can easily beat old if done correctly.

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Not all niches are equal though.

Let’s forget about the topic of your content itself for a second and think about the obvious one:

The most important difference-maker indicator would be your income per visitor.

Some blogs need tons of traffic to convert their visitors and make money, while others can benefit from nearly every visitor.

It highly depends on the monetization method, prices and overall niche benchmarks.

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Have you seen my list of 100+ blog topic ideas to make money and have fun at the same time?

All of those narrow niche ideas are great and highly profitable.

They are packed with bloggers making money.

With that being said, some of those niches are definitely more profitable than others.

So let’s talk about the best broad niches out there.


8 Blog Niche Ideas That Make Money + Income Reports


  • Food & Recipies
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Make Money Online
  • Health & Fitness
  • Personal Finance & Business
  • DIY & Art
  • Parenting & Family


Now, let’s go through each one of them:


Food & Recipies


This niche has always been one of the most popular ones out there ever since blogging became a big thing.

A lot of money is being made with recipes, cookbooks and cooking programs.

Here are a couple of profitable blogs that are absolutely killing it:


The Bewitchin’ Kitchen By Randa

Reported Income Per One Month – $6,312.99.


Show Me The Yummy By Trevor and Jennifer Debth

Reported Income Per One Month – $46,367.19.


Pinch of Yum By Lindsay

Reported Income Per One Month – $95,197.34.





When you think blogging (before you realize that it’s way more than just a personal journal) you think of a lifestyle blog.

Lifestyle blogs are very popular and highly profitable.

Here are a few of my favorites examples:


Hot Beauty Health By Diana

Reported Income Per One Month – $9,655.


One Step 4Ward By Johnny Ward

Reported Income Per One Month – $60,000.


Busy Budgeter By Rosemarie

Reported Income Per One Month – $86,000.





There used to be a time when traveling was luxurious.

With cheap flights and various renting opportunities, those times are over.

Bloggers are taking advantage of it to inspire people with their traveling experience.

Affiliate marketing plays a huge role in the monetization process and in the end – everybody is a big-time winner!

Let’s look at the example of some of the most profitable bloggers in this niche:


Adventure In You By Tom and Anna

Reported Income Per One Month – $19,233.


Local Adventurer By Esther And Jacob

Reported Income Per One Month – $28,729.32.



Make Money Online


There are people who like their corporate job and stability.

Others, prefer to stay away from it and make money online, on their own, without a boss.

Either way, there are lots of ways to make some extra money online, side hustle or even full-time opportunities.

Take blogging for money as an example.

More interest = more traffic = more opportunities for bloggers to share their knowledge and make money from it.

Even though this blog ( is one of the representatives of this niche, let me share some blogs of my colleagues:


Chasing Foxes By Silas and Grace

Reported Income Per One Month – $10,015.55


Smart Passive Income By Pat Flynn

Reported Income Per One Month – $96.978.


It’s a Lovely Life  By Reese Family

Reported Income Per One Month – $132,533.97.


Create And Go By Alex Nerney And Lauren McManus

Reported Income Per One Month – $134,659.62.


Fire Nation By John Lee Dumas

Reported Income Per One Month – $140,332. 


Melyssagriffin By Melyssa Griffin

Reported Income Per One Month – $283,680.



Health & Fitness


One of the most important niches of all time – Health niche.

People just need good advice and some non-commercial opinions.


Blogging played a huge role in the increasing popularity of fitness among people of all ages.

Plus, there’s a never-ending need for routines and exercises to make things more fun for people trying to be in shape.

No wonder beginner bloggers are interested in this niche.



Personal Finance & Business


The personal finance niche has helped a lot of people to organize their cash-flow.

Not everyone is aware of the techniques and tricks to make the most out of their money.

And others – can share their natural abilities to keep track of their money, make good financial decisions. take advantage of deals and spend/invest their money, wisely.

Here’s a list of some bloggers, making it big in this niche:


Roseatwater by Rose

Reported Income Per One Month – $8304.39.


Thesavvycouple By  Kelan & Brittany

Reported Income Per One Month – $43,547.


My Wife Quit Her Job By Steve and Jennifer Chou

in 2017, He hit $1,400,000.


Making Sense of Cents By Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Reported Income Per One Month – $159,592.





DIY & Art


Personal ho-tos and galleries.

This niche is one of the most classic personal blog niches that is presented out there.

And it’s definitely here to stay to receive millions of visitors and a lot of money.


Just A Girl And Her Blog By Aby Lawson

Reported Income Per One Month – $51,803.


Sarahtitus By Sarah

Reported Income Per One Month – $189,618. 


Parenting & Family


Blogs became one of the best platforms in the world for those who want to share their advice about parenting and family.

People love to read some great tips and stories along with recommendations.

All that makes this niche pretty big and profitable for bloggers.

How about an example? Or even a few of them.


Your Modern Family By Becky Mansfield

Reported Income Per One Month – $21,700



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