A lot of people are interested in blogging but never actually get to the point of asking the most important question – How do I get really serious about blogging?

In this article, I would like to share an ultimate list of tips to help you to answer that question.

I love to think that the majority of these tips represent the stuff that I wish I knew before I started blogging.

It would’ve saved me a lot of time and made my journey way easier.

Fortunately, I can share my knowledge with you guys.


Let’s get to it right away, shall we?


1. Understand That You Totally Want It

Blogging is amazing with an enormous amount of amazing possibilities including the most popular ones – fun, lots of money and freedom.

Do you want to be a serious blogger and get it all this way?  Think about your reasons and make sure that you understand it.

Cause, after all, let me repeat the reasons – fun, lots of money and freedom.


2. Like Your Niche

You are going to spend a lot of time thinking, writing and discussing the subject of your blogging niche.

Like a lot of time! That’s a hell of a reason to make sure that you like it.

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3. Make Sure That You Get It

Once again, the world of blogging is amazing.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a wonderland though. It has some rules, both written and unwritten.

Once you understand these rules, your possibilities are almost unlimited.

That’s why I highly advise learning all of the essentials of blogging in advance.

That’s when you are truly able to understand the real opportunities.

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4. Realize That It Might Actually Happen, Very Soon

I see it all the time – people doubt the opportunities represented by blogging.

They seem to be way too good to be true. That’s why they give up after a day or two. Some people give up even before starting their real journey.

I always teach to be patient but not everyone’s ready to listen. Since I know what can actually happen if you just believe, that’s very frustrating.

Fortunately, in some cases, some people achieve instant success and don’t ever come to the point of quitting. For others, it takes time.

But the truth is – If done correctly, it works for everyone, like 100%.


5. Know The Facts

Just like any other initiative, blogging goes like this:

  1. Research
  2. Action

Only in that particular order.

Some people say that they tried blogging and it didn’t work for them.

Well, it’s their story but… I’m pretty sure that they skipped the first step. Just go see the article I published about the things to do before you start your blog.

I guarantee that your story will be way different.


6. Get A Plan

You can’t really achieve anything without a real working plan, can you?

Why do you think that blogging is any different? It’s not.

Set a goal, estimate your plan towards it and keep following it without looking back.

Simple as that.


7. Be Smart About Your Investments

There are a lot of services and products offered by marketers which seem to make all the sense in the world when it comes to getting you to the next level.

Some of them are in fact useful, but the fact is – 99% of them will not.

There’s no magic button that will get you to the endpoint right away. Don’t be fooled.

With that being said, don’t go cheap when it comes to the actual necessities like domain and hosting.


8. Think

Even though I and a lot of my colleague bloggers are trying to help you by providing all of the necessary information and tutorials we might think of, we can’t do it instead of you.

You need to make your own decisions and take your actions based on your desires, goals and the comfort zone.


9. Get Inspired

Follow bloggers and successful people who have already gone through the path you’re about to take.

Any routine can get boring and frustrating at times.

You need to remember why you started. And trust me, the inspiring facts will do the wonders.


10. Make A Jump Every Time You Are Scared Or Lazy

Since you do all of your research and thinking in advance, it’s safe to say that most of the time “the action” phase gets delayed for the wrong reason.

You already know what has to be done, it’s just a step forward.

Don’t ruin your plans just because you are scared (which is completely normal, even though it’s kinda silly if you think about it).

No need to discuss the embarrassing moments of laziness, right?


11. Design Your Blog

Not all themes and brandings are equal.

Some designs fit one niche while completely another style might be great for the other niche.

Make sure that your blog is very visitor-friendly and makes your audience feel comfortable.


12. Be Visible (branding placement)

Make sure to create a logo and then place it everywhere!

Since the majority of your visitors won’t think of coming back, you need to do your best to increase the odds of that happening.

But there’s a trick – People prefer the familiar “faces”.

Your logo and branding is your face. Make sure they remember it.


13. Essential Plugins

There are so many plugins and a lot of them are free. They are such a huge problem-solvers.  Every pro blogger uses it.

We might upgrade it to get the paid features but most of the time, free ones do the job. Got a gap that needs to be filled?

Just Google the keyword + Plugin and enjoy your findings.


14. Know your audience

Your audience is used to the specific voice, they have special preferences and they have their unique questions.

Don’t assume that they will fall in love with your content just because it represents the high quality and they HAVE TO LOVE IT.

In case you fail to deliver it correctly, they will absolutely hate it.


15. Make Money The Right Way

Whether your initial goal is to make money blogging or not, there’s always an option to earn some.

Since you know your audience, you know their needs.

Check out my article about monetization and pick the option(s) which fit your blog.


16. Use Your Options Correctly

Whether it’s monetization or ways to drive traffic, you need to use them correctly.

You will waste your time unless you do so.

Again, your audience needs special targeting.

Do your research first and then decide which options fit your niche.

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17. Sound Like The Best Of You

Let’s be honest- All of us have some flaws, in our thoughts, delivery and at times, in knowledge.

Your visitors don’t need to know that.

Make sure that your blog represents the confidence and quality which should never be doubted.


18. Categorize Your Content

A lot of your visitors will search for the additional information which you might be offering to them.

Make it simple to find – Simple navigation, categories and tags should do the job.


19. Collect The Resources

I already mentioned that there are a lot of free plugins that will make your life simple.

There are some free online tools and websites which will do the same job as well.

Got the idea which might help?

Just Google it – There’s a high chance that somebody has already targeted your needs.

Make sure to bookmark everything you like.

There’ll be a moment when you will thank yourself.


20. Check Your Grammar

A lot of bloggers think that they have to be perfect in their writing skills.

While you need to be good (at least), there’s still an option to make you look better.

Just go to the free writing assistant called Grammarly and let it do the job. You can also install a free Chrome extension.


21. Use Great Images

Nothing tells the story better than good images.

Whether it is a featured image, pin or just a gif, some photos are better than a thousand words when it comes to expressing your content.


22. Keep Making It Easier

At times, once you advance, it might seem like your job is getting way too simple. You might think that it should not be that way.

The thing is, you just get used to it and that’s when it starts to look simple.

It’s a great start but it doesn’t even end there.

Since you have a better understanding and more needs you should understand that there are a lot of resources which might make your job even easier! Keep searching.


23. Calendar

Using the planned calendar system is a terrific way to get things going.

Just plan a date for the action and make sure that you do it.

It will make you way more productive.


24. Be Active

You can’t just take some actions and think that they will last forever.

That will not happen.

You need to be active all the time.


25. Be Patient

No matter what you do and how good you are at it, It won’t probably happen in an hour or a day… It might even take months.

But the thing is that it will eventually happen.

You did everything correctly so don’t worry… It will happen.


26. Simplify Your Content / Optimize

The majority of your visitors won’t understand your point even though you tried your best to deliver the message.

Or they will find your blog to be way too complicated to navigate.

Some of your visitors won’t even be the native English speakers, they don’t understand the complicated structure of your sentences.

Whatever the issue is, there’s also room for improvement.


27. Be Consistent

Don’t just start doing something and then stop.

Aside from the fact that it will demotivate you, let me assure you that nobody likes it – Visitors, Algorithms of social media, search engines… Nobody!


28. Go Easy On Yourself

There will be times when you will “fail”.

You won’t deliver the best quality, your marketing efforts will be pointless or you will waste your traffic without conversions.

No matter what happened, it’s in the past. You can only learn from it.


29. Be Friendly

Nobody likes that “professional” rude voice.

You need to sound friendly in your articles, in your comments, in your emails.

Even your marketing campaigns have to be friendly to get the best results.


30. Share Share Share

Spread your content across the world.

The social media platforms will help you with that.

There are so many options, so many places your future-visitors might be waiting for you.


31. Make Sure You “Get It”

All of us have some goals when it comes to blogging.

Whether it is just the traffic or monetization or a regular monthly goal, you want to achieve it.

That’s why you need to analyze your stats and know your results.

It’s the only way to identify what does and what doesn’t work the way you want it to.


32. Join A Community

You should never be alone. It’s always a great idea to join some kind of a community for various reasons like:

  • To ask questions;
  • For learning stuff;
  • To communicate;
  • To collaborate;
  • and so many more…

I mean why would you be alone? We have a great community of beginners and pro bloggers. You are very welcome to join us.


33. Ask Questions

Even the best expert doesn’t know it all.

We all ask questions and learn new things which make us better.

Don’t be afraid to get the new information which might ruin your already established perception about blogging.

Or just to upgrade your knowledge.


34. Don’t Get Lost In The Daydreaming

Once things go well, everything will be so great. You will get to the point you dreamed of.

It’s okay to think about it now and then.

But don’t get lost in the virtual future. Just work to get it and pretty soon, you will end up there, for real.


35. Try To Make Easy Money

Sometimes the internet is a crazy place. You can find easy hacks to earn some easy money.

For example – I published an article about the strategy to make more than $1,000 in your first month and my visitors are loving it.

A lot of them already started using it cause there’s no such thing as the useless extra money so what are you waiting for?


36. Never Stop Learning

Yes, I did create a free step-by-step course that covers it all about blogging for beginners.

But it doesn’t mean that you know absolutely everything. In fact, nobody does…

Try to learn as much as you can, daily, weekly, monthly. All of that will help you to become more successful.


37. Get Ready To Change Your Life

This is my favorite part.

I love it when I forecast the future.

Usually, people are full of doubt.

But, fortunately, the ones who actually stick to it, get the results and thank me later.

Just believe in yourself and you will get the results!


What do you think about these tips? Did I miss something, or do you want to ask me anything? Leave a comment in a section below or in our facebook group and I will be glad to answer.