Let’s be honest:

It’s a dream combination for beginners – To have a great list of blog topics and ideas to make money and have fun at the same time!

123 Super Profitable Blog Topic Ideas

Well, you just found one!

And it’s not just a list.

This list consists of topics and ideas that either I, my follower or another successful blog is taking advantage of.

Let me tell you this!

One thing you have to understand is that you can make money in any niche, as long as you understand the basics of blogging for money.

But not all of them are equal!

Some make more money while others fail to aim for 6 digits on a regular basis.

And in some cases, making money has a brutal price – it’s boring.

Well… You don’t want that.

You want blog topics and ideas to make money and have fun at the same time, don’t you?

And just like with anything else we discuss on this blog, I will help to make it simple.

How exactly am I going to do that?

Huh… Is that even a question?

By providing a great list of topics and ideas to make money and have fun at the same time!

We made a great job of putting together all of the pieces which mean that everyone in this list is:

  • Simple
  • Fun (for people who are interested in a specific topic)
  • Tested by me, our followers and a successful blog in the industry
  • Highly profitable and…
  • Highly Demanded

Sounds enough to get interested in this list of blog topics and ideas to make money and have fun while you doing it, right?

I think so!

So, Without further ado:

Top Blog Topics And Ideas To Make Money And Have Fun At The Same Time


  1. Books
  3. Marriage
  4. Dating
  5. Writing
  6. Politics
  7. Health
  8. Boats
  9. Gadgets
  10. Running
  11. Drawing
  12. Cycling
  13. News
  14. Finances
  15. Religion
  16. Digital Nomading
  17. Hiking
  18. Celebrities
  19. Electronics
  20. Life skills
  21. Hair
  22. Science
  23. Interior Design
  24. Parenting
  25. Pilates
  26. DIY
  27. Life Hacks
  28. Cardio
  29. Hair loss
  30. Veganism
  31. Poker
  32. Gambling
  33. Computers
  34. Homeschooling
  35. Traveling
  36. Social Networking
  37. Gifts
  38. Crochet
  39. Herbal Remedies
  40. Recipes
  41. Mindfulness
  42. Supplements
  43. Restaurant Reviews
  44. Diets
  45. Cats
  46. Workout
  47. Career Advice
  48. Make money online
  49. Dogs
  50. Virtual Reality
  51. Dancing
  52. Wedding
  53. Motorcycles
  54. Card Games
  55. Baking
  56. Culture
  57. History
  58. Life Goals
  59. Work from home
  60. Movies
  61. Budgeting
  62. Tattoos
  63. Beauty
  64. Toys
  65. Medicine
  66. Theater
  67. Blogging
  68. Calligraphy
  69. Gardening
  70. Home decor
  71. Make Money Online From Home
  72. Wall Art
  73. Cheap deals
  74. Eco-friendly
  75. TV-Series
  76. Skincare
  77. Accessories
  78. Binders
  79. Entertainment
  80. Knitting
  81. Board Games
  82. Fashion
  83. Shoes
  84. Product reviews
  85. Astronomy
  86. Comedy
  87. Weight Loss
  88. Meditation
  89. Traditional medicine
  90. Technologies
  91. Magic
  92. Nature
  93. Glasses
  94. Apps
  95. Budget Management
  96. Mental health
  97. Web development
  98. Swimming
  99. life On Budget
  100. Childcare
  101. Skiing
  102. Exercising at home
  103. Cars
  104. Beards
  105. Yoga
  106. Healthy Food
  107. Video Games
  108. Printables
  109. Artificial Intelligence
  110. Education
  111. Photography
  112. Marketing
  113. Pregnancy
  114. Hypnosis
  115. Art
  116. Stores
  117. Exotic
  118. Makeup
  119. Music
  120. Exterior Design
  121. Family
  122. Crafts
  123. Drinks


That’s it for our pick for the blog topics and ideas to make money and have fun at the same time.

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Now you have the idea! And it is very important!

It’s time to find out how to make money from it!

but how?

Let me help you with that:

Most of the blog topics and ideas we discussed won’t have the same monetization method. Some of them are good at driving traffic but are really hard to convert.

Either way, you need to know your options of both, niches and monetization methods and choose based on that mix.

It’s easy to pick a niche for fun, but another story to pick it based on how much money it can make. 

(I’ll stop you right there – any niche can make money! A lot of it… It’s just a matter of knowing your options. Some will make more and others won’t make that much but all of them will make money! So, just respect the value of your effort adequately! It should always be up to you!)

There are no specific limitations of what a blogger can and can not monetize a blog with. Monetizing a blog itself is only one small part of the big picture.

With that being said, an average blogger (beginner) has 3 general options to monetize a blog when he or she is blogging for money:

  • Monetize A Property (the blog itself)

  • Sell Product

  • Sell Service

Truth to be told, these are not only a digital marketer’s (bloggers in particular) options. These three options are the basics of any type of business.

I know for a fact that it sounds a little confusing at first, especially for a beginner.

No worries though… I got you covered!

I do talk about monetization and other “blogging-for-money” stuff in my course, which is completely FREE!

The information below is just a small part of it but still should be enough to get a general understanding of monetization:

1. Monetize A Property (the blog itself)

The most common and popular way to monetize a blog as a beginner is definitely to use its content commercially, without making an effort to monetize it otherwise.

The concept is simple – as long as the blog receives some significant amount of traffic, people will pay to get a piece of it.

Let’s talk about the most common ways of monetizing a blog for being a website.

  • Ads – There are a lot of ad providers like Google Adsense (which is probably the best one) that will place banners and commercial text snippets on your site in exchange for money. All it takes is placing a certain code (there are a lot of plugins for newbies that help with this) in places you would like and just wait for the moment it will start paying off. You can check out my article about Google Ads by following this link.
  • Banners – As long as a blog receives traffic a lot of people want to place their commercial banner on it to target this specific blog’s target audience.
  • Paid Articles – A lot of times bloggers and companies will pay for a specific article to appear on your blog. As long as the blog receives traffic of course…
  • Membership – Not all posts have to be available for any visitor. People will often pay to see some “hidden” content.
  • Subscription – Yeap… There’s a great chance to get some bucks in exchange for the chance to subscribe. It’s pretty rare but is still worth mentioning.
  • Donations – Some bloggers do not use a specific monetization method. They prefer to leave income up to people that want to thank them. That’s when donations are a great option. Might not sound like a great source of income, but it actually is for a lot of blogs.

Bonus: Sell A Site – You can always sell your site at sites like and make money out of it!

2. Sell Product(s)

Some of you might be surprised. How can a blog sell products, it’s not an online shop.

Well… A blog is like a magnet for free traffic. Therefore in a lot of cases, it might be serving as a promoter, recommender or hype-man for a specific product.

A simple link in a text or in a menu can turn a blog into a commercial platform.

There are two types of products that a blogger can sell:


3. Sell Service(s)

Just like in the case of selling products, services are once again another option that a blog can be monetized with, by motivating its traffic to do a specific action.

  • Physical (real-life) Service – Any type of service which is delivered in the world outside of computers and other digital products. Selling flight tickets or hotel reservations would be a great example.
  • Digital Service – Freelancing and support are one of the best examples of digital service. And it’s not rare for a blogger to show off the skills and offer the service.

Both of these services can be offered by a blogger or be a part of affiliate marketing (recommendation of other company’s/person’s service).

Now you’ve found out the basics of monetization methods.

By the way – You can go in-depth with blogging for money by joining my FREE eCourse.

So, just like this, you have a wide choice of blog topics and ideas and know how to monetize them as well!

The best thing is that all of them will help you to make thousands of dollars. And since you are familiar with this blog, you will be able to do it – The way you want it, without leaving your comfort zone!

Wow, wait… you don’t believe that some of the weird topics mentioned in this list can make money, don’t you?

Yeah, I know…

But as I said in the beginning. It’s about knowing the basics. And those basics are all about meeting your target audience’s needs, profitably! You can learn everything about it in my “Limitless Blogger” course.

Once again, picking a topic is important. In fact, it is one of the most important things.

Picked your favorite one?


You are so ready to start a blog! Check out my guide will take you there step by step!

Don’t forget that to join my free step-by-step course for those who want to know everything about blogging!

Last but not least, get a free copy of my 1k plan to earn your first thousand dollars during the next month (Hopefully during the period of developing your next 6 figure blog around the topics I listed above!)


What do you think about this list of blog topics and ideas to make money and have fun at the same time? Got any ideas you want to share with thousands of our followers? Comment below!